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What is my cat up to?

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Give me your take on this. I originally had Liberty Belle for 1 year when I brought home Freedom Belle, and it was pretty rough, after 8 months they were more civil. Liberty Belle has at many times in the past year that they have lived together been mean to her. She attacks her sometimes in the litter box, and other times just for the heck of it. Now today weird thing going on I have never seen. Mean Liberty Belle has sat very close To Freedombelle several times tonight reaching out her paw in a slow manner to Freedom. Freedom went under the bed and Liberty laid there looking at her and gently reaching her paw to her.....is she trying to initiate a freindship after all this time? Wow, I really hope this is what is going on!!! Anyone else have this happen??, and if so did they, can they become freinds??
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awww...I dont know but i sure hope so!
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Awww . . . I hope they become friends!
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Well, this is a new day. She jumped on the bed and hissed at the other cat, but did not go for her. Guess I do not blame the other cat for distrusting the other cat, because her moods change quickly!I guess last night she was just totally bored and wanted a companion to pass some time.
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I had the same problem. Mikki was a siamese and Polly (heinz 57) came to us as a kitten when Mikki was about 12 years old. As polly grew she became the Alpha of the house and picked on Mikki. She would pounce on Mikki's back and chase her until Mikki would whirl around and hiss. It seemed almost like a game Polly was playing. Polly would also reach out to Mikki in the same way you described. But I'm not so sure she was trying to be nice. They never did become real buddies. They shared the same bed but not closely.

Mikki is gone now and Polly is the only one. I'd love to get another cat but I'm afraid Polly may be a snob and not allow it. I'm not so sure why some cats get along and others don't. Polly is a mut and Mikki was a siamese and they were both female. This may be a factor but I'm not sure.

Sorry to rain on your parade but there is a possibility that they may never be good friends. I hope I'm wrong though. good luck.
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You just never know entirely with cats. I had one pair that did what you described, and after a few years together, simply developed tolerance to each other - never did become friends. On the other hand, I have seen cats bond with each other after ignoring each other for a year or more. Sometimes the best you can get is mutual tolerance.

If you don't have 2 litter boxes (or more), you might want to get an extra one. Litter box quarrels can often lead to innappropriate peeing and you don't want to start that battle! Feliway plug-ins can also calm stressed out cats.
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It sounds like my girls. Pearl is very shy and timid, and Georgia is rambunctious and fearless. Georgia wants to play sometimes, but she plays too rough, other times, it seems that she is just being mean. Pearl has begun to occasionally fight back, and then they play just fine. I don't get it either. They were fighting this morning, now they are on the couch. Cats are such confusing critters!
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Actually I have enough litter boxes, for 2 cats I have 4 boxes, and Miss Mean & Feisty just wants to own everything and I have to make sure the timid Miss Nice gets to use the box. I have them all in closets in different rooms for seclusion. Linda
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