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Mine and Craig's babies (Pictures)

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Since this is the only way I know how to post... I can only post one picture at a time *cries* Sorry! I have three pictures of each boy to post.. hope thats ok? If not.. whoever is moderating these boards.. feel free to do whatever you have to do. LOL

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Sorry, LOL I'm kinda new to this.... that was a picture of Sebastion.

Here is another.

Sebastion is not enthused:
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The is the last one of Bastion.

Bastion wants a piece of the camera:
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This is Andrew (Drew)

Drew up close:
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Drew looks out the window:
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Drew works with Daddy:
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Don't attempt to take Jake's sock!:
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Jake after a workout:
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This is the last one I promise. Sorry for taking up so much space! I need to learn how to do this better!

Jake climbs Mt. Chair!:
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These are great!!
I like the sock pic the best!
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Your babies are so precious!!! They are so tiny!!!
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debra: The sock picture is one of my favorites as well. Jake is sooo fiesty!!! He absolutely *loves* to play. He also *loves* Craig's socks and carries them around with him. It's sooo funny because some of the socks are bigger than him and he drags them around. It's too cute!

Chloe: Thank you! I think they are precious myself! Yup, they are tiny... but believe it or not.. they have grown a LOT since we've gotten them. We've had them for almost a month.. its amazing how they've grown in such a short time!!!

And how quickly they can steal your heart.

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The sock picture is the cutest! They are all so adorable! Worth the time it took to load them.

Grrr- dial-up-
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Hey...Cass Have you ever heard of Siamese Internet Cat Club...(SICC) @ It is a cool cat site for all Siamese owners/ are more than welcome to come and join!!! I have been a member since March of this year and adopted a Siamese mix from Siamese Rescue of Kansas...
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Cass, can I have her!!!!! Oh, she is SO precious! I just love lil' Saimese kittens!
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Thanks Deb25, those boys are my pride and joy. You could spend all your money buying every type of cat toy around... and Jake would still ignore em and go for the socks.. LOL I shoulda named him socks. He's too cute. Bastion is lazy lazy.. and Drew is the atheletic type.

DebbieA, I will definitely look into it. Only recently have I become so interested in Siamese. They are very lovely cats. Craig is really into them as well. I will check it out! Thanks!

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Thank you MeowMan! But no way am I giving my little angels away. I can however share them with you through pictures and stories!! I can't tell you how happy these boys make me!


P.S. pssst! MeowMan... they are all boys!
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Your babies are very cute. I also have Siamese cats. I love them sooooooo much.
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Cass and Craig; I may be in the minority, but I LOVE Sebastian!!! 'Cause he has ATTITUDE!!! It looks like he is saying "I'm telling you for the First and LAST TIME keep that "Camera Thingy" away from me; if you know what's good for you. . . . ." I like a cat with ATTITUDE!!! (Iknow I said it before, but it bears repeating)

Actually, they are all PRECIOUS Thanks for sharing the pictures.
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Simon's Mommy: Siamese are very beautiful and loving cats! I'd like to see picures of your babies!!

3LK: Bastion is my baby. Craig says "Bastion is definitely YOUR cat" He does have attitude... a lot of it. He's very unique from the other two.. and doesn't like to be handled by anyone but "mommy". I guess we just have a special "bond"

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Oh Cassie.....your babies are SO cute!!!! Thanks for showing them to us!!!
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You made my day !!! They are georgeous!!!!!
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Cassie, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh what sweeet boys you have!!!
My Mum has a meezer and I'm really into these cats - they are so beautiful!!!
Your babes are sooooo cute I really don't know what to say!!!
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