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Hello finally.

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I joined about a week ago and I like what I see. I have been owned by cats all my life. Now that I'm grown and have a family of my own I love cats ten times more. Right now I have a cat named Polly, short for polydactyl. She is a black and white long hair. Very pretty and affectionate. I'll upload pics as soon as I scan them. We had 2 but last year we lost the Siamese to kidney failure. Her name was Mikki. I cried for 2 days. I still miss her terribly. She was so beautiful and also very affectionate. A definate lap cat. Here is her picture (if I do this right) Enjoy.

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Welcome 'home' tracywalls. TCS is home to many of us.

OMG!! Mikki was so beautiful, Im sorry you lost her. I hope she didnt suffer. How old was she?
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Welcome to the site! Mikki was a beautiful girl. I'm so sorry she crossed the Bridge.

I'm glad you like the site so far! Jump right in anywhere - ask questions, answer others, or just hang out with us.
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Thanks guys. I'm looking forward to reading some of the stories and looking at pictures. Mikki was 17 years old. I got her as a kitten with her squeaky door Mieow and I was 35 when she died so I had her literally half my life. She was a one owner kind of Cat. She would lay on my husbands lap only when I was unavailable. She even curled up under one arm in bed with my so I would cover her up and use her like a teddy bear. I think she suffered a couple days but that's because I came home friday afternoon and discovered she could barely walk. She was frail and only 6 pounds. Based on Vet's prognosis I made the decision to end her life. I was brought into a private room and I held her until she slipped away. She died in my arms and it was the hardest thing I had to do. But it was my duty. At no time can a cat move out and get its own life so I felt I needed to give here as pleasant an ending as I could. I would own a siamese cat again in a heartbeat. They are so different from other cats. She made me laugh and she amazed me how smart and clean and proud she was.
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Welcome to this site
What a sweetie boy your Siamese was , very pretty . I am very sorry off your loss . I know it is hard to let . ((((HUGS))))
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Ok finally found a picture of Polly but its about 5 years old. As you can see this is her homecomming just after bath. As you can see she is already turning into the affectionate one that she is. For the life of me I cannot find her adult pictures. I'll keep looking or take new ones.
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Oh, what a precious little thing! I LOVE black and white kitties anyway, but she is just too adorable. I'm sure she's grown into a very beautiful lady.
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Oh yeah. You know how you can just tell by lookng at some cats that they are female or male? She is definately female. Very pretty face, gorgeous eyes and a little pink nose. Here long hair has given her a pretty impressive mane. I brush her quite a bit and she lays on my chest when I read in bed. She even lays on my neck sometimes.
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Welcome to TCS! Thanks for sharing the pretty kitty pictures!
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Welcome! This site is a great place to be!
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Hey and welcome to the best site ever! Such gorgeous kitties! I'm sorry about your loss of Mikki. How old was she? She is absolutely stunning in the pic's.
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Hello and welcome from Northern Ontario! Thanks for sharing your pics.

Sorry for your loss, I know you loved Mikki and I know that it is very hard to let go. You should check out Over the Rainbow....that's where you can talk about Mikki.

Where in Canada are you?
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Hi Welcome to TCS I am in Love: with your purrbabies. Very glad that you found this site.
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Hello and welcome.

Sorry to hear about Mikki. She is a beauty.

Polly is a beauty to.
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Welcome. I am so sorry about Mikki. I know what you mean about Siamese cats. I have two of them, as well as a Bengal. My Blue Point Siamese is 18, and he's about the sweetest guy you'd ever want to meet. I am dreading the day, when I'll have to say "good-bye" to him.

You're little Polly is adorable.
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