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My kitty prefers my sister!

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I have this ussue with my kitty, my sister never pets him or anything of the sort, yet he prefers to sleep in her bed, and when we are watching tv he goes to sleep beside her and not me . The problem is my sister does not appreciate him climbing in her bed and playing with her in the early morning, especially her face, and quite frankly I am a little jealous by this behavior. Can anyone explain this to me, I am the one that feeds him, pets him, etc, and I feel a lot sad . Why is this happening, am I doing something wrong?
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I don't blame you for being jealous!

I've always heard that cats seek out the one person in the room who doesn't like cats and ignore all the other people who desperately want to give the cat some loving -- your story certainly supports that idea!

I wonder if you are trying too hard. Many cats do not like a lot of movement or loud voices or too much stimulation. So, try sitting quietly and when the cat comes by, pet him for only a moment or two without making any sounds or speaking only in very soft tones. Don't chase him around trying to play or pick him up -- let him come to you. You might help this process by having treats with you so that when he happens to walk by when you are being quiet, you can hold out a treat to him. Eventually, he will equate you with peaceful good things and will spend more time with you...maybe!
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I understand what u are going through!! Maybe MY story will make u feel better!

I have a cat named Rusty who I adore and she'd sleep and play with me. Well, for the last 5-6 years now, she HATES me. She will start growling, hissing, swat at me and run from me whenever I walk into a room or hear my voice.
The reason for this is that I had found another cat injured on a road and adopted him. Rusty has never forgiven me for that (STILL). The thing that still makes me MAD is that she is very friendly with everyone else even if they have recently petted Sammy (2nd cat) and my sister would taunt me that Rusty would jump up on her lap and rub against her.

I have some advice that u might want to try. IT might be a bit mean but... Put some double sided tape on ur sister's bed, spray some citrus spray in her room and after a while hopefully the cat will associate her room with gross sticky AND smelly things and stop favoring her..
Good luck!
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I know I should be embarassed about being jealous, but I just can't help it, and I think I have been trying to hard, picking him up to cuddle him and such, but you know I'm just afraid that he won't warm up to me, cause I had a cat that just recently died fighting with other cats cause I was just to stubborn to have him neutered cause I thought I was being cruel to him, and he never really learned to love me, so I was afraid of the same thing happening with Benny. Well thanks, for all your advice and I will surely try them all .
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