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Congratulations!! I hope Mom and baby are doing good. What a beautiful name you chose for her!
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Congratulations Tasha! What a beautiful name. You know we're all waiting to see pictures!
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and from me...Congrats
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Tasha!!!!! Congratulations! What a sweet name - Sierra!! I hope you both are doing well . Like everyone, I can't wait to see pictures!!
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! I totally forgot that it was near October! Looking forward to seeing pictures!! Take it easy and relax and enjoy it!
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Congratulations from me on this side of the Atlantic as well and I echo others comments - Sierra rose is a beautiful name.
If you would like to share your home address I would be delighted to put a card in the post to you airmail.
I never cease to wonder, nor be absolutely amazed at the ability that the female body has to create such perfections in miniature in the way of a small child. There is never a day goes by that I ever understand that little bit of magic that happens when a baby is created and born and brought into the world by a woman. Its incredible and an experience that I am glad to have shared with our son.
I know you will make a brilliant mum, you will have up days and down, but you have the support of every single one of us and my love and best wishes come direct to you from Yorkshire - here in the UK.
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I too love the name .
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Thanks everyone! I went to the hospital at 4:00 in the morning and gave birth to her at 9:29 the same morning. I took the morphine shot and laughing gas. It hurt, but I got a beautiful baby girl out of it! I am going to try and take some pictures of her soon. I need to recover and baby needs get used to her new home!
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What a lovely name
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Congrats Tasha dear! I know how much this baby means to you!

Now I'm going to go and find some baby pics to look at of little SR-

Best Wishes, Sam
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