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new addition!

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I'm getting a new cat!!

just in time for Halloween too!

my sister had told me yesterday that she wants to rehome her black 2 year old cat. said that she rips up the screens trying to get out. (I left that part out )

i told her i would have to talk to hubby. yesterday hes like NO WAY! he said he doesnt want ANY outside cats in our house. then I asked again and i told him I would train her to be indoor and that I have the most fabulous network of people to help me out. hes ageed. but we both are scared it wont work out. I figure since it will be winter soon i have a greater chance of reconditioning her.

my main concerns are: getting her used to indoor only policy and amber accepting her.

then what happens in the summer when the windows open up again??

happy, but scared...
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yeah congrats on the new addition I am sure that your new kitty will adjust quite well to being an indoor cat. Amber will like having a new friend to play with and to keep her company.
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Congrats on the new kitty! Hopefully Amber will help her adjust to indoor life.
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Congratulations! I don't have any advice to offer you though on transitioning a cat from outdoor to indoor. Sowwy
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Congrats.No advice here either on transitioning.Just wanting to wish you luck.

then what happens in the summer when the windows open up again??
HeHe.I can't open windows around here unless I'm in the room that they are open in.
All of my cats are used to being indoors,but the one I have had the longest wants to go outside sometimes and he has completely tore one of my screens up.
One day last year I had the window open and the screen was barely coming loose at one side so I thought it would be ok.Well,I fell asleep on the couch with the window open and when I woke up it was ripped out completely on one side.I was about to panic cause at the time I had 6 cats in the house and 5 of them were rescued ferals(had them since kittenhood).I just knew if any of the ferals got out I would never catch it.Well,I jumped up and hurried and shut the window and went to see how many kitties were accounted for.They were all here except 2,my oldest one and one of the ferals.I went outside and got my oldest kitty no problem,and then I saw my feral kitty.When he saw me he tried to jump back into the window.I left the front door open and walked around behind him and he ran back into the house.I was so relieved that he didn't run off from me.

Now when my windows are open I am in the same room and if my kitty starts digging on the screen and I can't get him to quit I just shut the window.

Good luck.
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Congratulations on your new cat!!

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thanks everyone!

vettechstudent... wow!

I will test her to see if she will resume her old habits (assuming I break her of it) next summer, but if she does start to want to get out, I will have to do what you do or crack the windows only or close them completely.

DragonLady suggested I replace the mesh with a metal mesh. if things dont go right I might look into it. shes really sweet and I will post pics soon, but a black cat is a black cat right? seen one seen'em all. her name is Little One but I'm not sure if I want to keep it. I might have to since my neice is fond of the cat.
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