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Is my cat sick??

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Should I take her to the vet? I had friends over for the weekend. She is an outside cat (not my choice). She absolutely hates being indoors. Anyhow, this morning my friend told me the cat had puked in the hallway downstairs. IT looked exactly like her cat food but wet now.She only eats dry. I was fostering for the local SPCA and a week and a half ago the kittens I had were put down due to distemper. I bleached the room and all things the kitties played with before letting my cat into it and she was never in direct contact with them when they were here. My cat had her first complete set of shots, including distemper in her first year of life. We do not usually get more after that for our pets. She is 3 now. Anyhow, today she is just sleeping on the couch. Hardly moves t all. Her nose is dry and she does not seem herself. Opinions please...this change in behaviour does it mean she is sick? How long do I watch her mood change before getting alarmed? Is it possible she has distemper and is there a test a vet can give to determine that? I have read up on distemper and so far it hasn't really helpd me to decide if it could be something she has or not. Any and all opinions will be taken with great respect. Please answer soon.
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Given the situation (the sick kittens) I would take the cat to the vet, and not wait. I think it's always alarming when cats seem to just sleep and "are not themselves". And, you know your pet best. Every time I thought that one of my pets just wasn't right, even though everyone else thought they were fine, it turned out they were sick.

I don't know about distemper, but I do know that shots do not guarantee that a pet can't get that disease. They do make it less likely, but there's no guarantees.
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you should bring her to vet. I get over-protective if amber gets the sniffles! but if you had those kittens it is possible that you missed something.
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I took her to the vet becuse when I got back from getting kids from school she was still laying thee in her own pee. Vet says it most likly is antifreze ingestion. Things are not looking good for us. Me and my kids are soo sad. Will let you know if she made it through the night. Keep fingers crossed and those that pray...please do so for Holly.
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Oh no I'll keep your kitty in my prayers.
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How awful...prayers are with you.
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That's so sad.Hope she is able to make it through.Please let us know what happens.
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her liver and kidneys are fine and....she has an infection and is starting to come around this morning! HOORAY! Vet thinks one more night on iv and she can come home! So very excited!
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I just saw this and I'm glad she's doing better!
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OMG!! I DO hope your kitty is all better really soon!
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I am so glad kitty is better! If I see even 1 spot that looks like antifreeze I take the hose and wash it away like a mad woman because I worry about my cat so much!
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That is sad to hear. I hope she pulls though. Best wishes.
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I just read this thread and I kept thinking the worst and then I got to your last post and I am so relieved that she is going to be ok! How lucky both of you are - I am so glad that things are looking up. Keep us posted!
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