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New Kitties & Cat Enclosure

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Well I have some news for y'all. It looks like I'm taking DragonLady's 2 special alters as soon as we can arrange to get them here and I am SOOOO excited! Am I crazy here?? That will make 5!!

So the kitties I'm getting are Jake and Hallie. You can see them by going to DragonLady's website: Dragonpass Go to the "Adults" link and look for the last two kitties!

Little Hallie is a Calico Persian and is PKD+ and needs lots of love. I didn't know much about PKD until now so I am trying to learn more so I can be the bestest mommy I can!

Jake is a Red Persian and from what I've heard, he is a snuggle bunny! I really can't wait so hopefully we'll find a way to get them here soon!

I told my hubby (for those who don't know, we're seperated) and first he told me I was nuts. Then he started making plans to build this cat enoclosure in my back yard with a little cat door coming into my kitchen window. Didn't someone send a link where you could get plans a while back?

Say lots of prayers that I can get my new babies real soon!

Oppsy! I meant to put this in the Lounge. Silly me! Can someone move it please?
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They are beautiful. I am sure that they will love their new home!
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awwww congrats!! They are sooo cute! I LOVE that new diluted calico she is getting! When she is ready to retire that one I'm going to be begging
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Kisses for each one they are soooooo pretty .

Jake looks like my Persian Samy I had I had to put him down last spring .

My congrats to you new babies
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They are both so gorgeous! Are you driving to the Bay Area to adopt them from Teresa? Oh, and what is PKD?
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They are so pretty! Congrats on the new fur-babies!
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Dragon Lady , just wanted to let you know that I am in Love with your calico "Raiders? " if that is her name .She is just to cute . I love calicos and torties ...

Hollie is soooooo pretty too , OMG

I am sorry to hear that you mzjazz are seperated .....I hope everything is well with you
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mzjazz2u-They are both so beautiful. Looks like you'll have a house full of Persians. You'll need a professional groomer, at this rate.
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Originally posted by HopeHacker
mzjazz2u- You'll need a professional groomer, at this rate.
Hopefully not! This past Saturday I bathed both Peaches and Henrietta and got them all brushed out. I just comb each of them for a couple of minutes a few times a week and none of my current three babies have any mats at all. So hopefully I'll be able to keep up with it myself!
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Five works for us, LOL! CONGRATS!

And I don't have any info on the cat enclosures, but I think that is so cool!!! I hope you find what you've been looking for - I remember discussion of it too. Have you tried the advanced search function in the forums yet?
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They are absolutely beautiful I know that you will enjoy having them with the rest of the gang.
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I'm glad you guys like the kitties! I'm so grateful that they are going to such a great home. Both kitties are mostly short haired as it gets so hot here, so there won't be too much brushing at first.

I think you can find cat enclosures at Meowhoo
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OMG! How wonderful!! Woman, you must be nuts! You're poor house will be one big hair tuft! LOL!

So...when ya getting them? We need more details!!

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I am not sure when I'll get them yet! But I wish it was NOW! We can have a transporter bring them, in which case I'll have to wait till I come up with the money. I also toyed with the idea of seeing if we could arrange a transport train going from DragonPass to somewhere even just a little closer to here (with our members here). And another option is that Teresa might be able to meet me part of the way but not until November or December. Really, I'd like to get them before the snow flies here if possible.

I have the rental car right now and could probably drive at least to the Utah/Arizona boarder but I'm not supposed to take it out of state and only have 100 miles a day. So stay tuned till we figure it all out!
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originally posted by harrythecat
...Oh, and what is PKD?
PKD : Polycystic Kidney Disease

mostly it affects Persian and Exotic Shorthairs.

poor baby!
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I am so happy to hear about your new kitties!!!!! How sweet they are!!! You will be an excellent mom to them! *hugs*
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