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Monday's DT

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Hello everyone. Since no one has started the DT for the day I thought I would. I am having a rough Monday. I have had 2 clients get great joy at yelling at me today. Of course I remained pleasant.

I behaved on the weekend. i was at a family BBQ and since I am trying to watch my carbs now as per the doctor's advice I was very careful about what I ate. I had 1 piece of chicken, some pork and salad. I stayed away from the potatoes, rice, bread and chips. I really missed out on desert. My great aunt (who used to be a professional baker) made an 18 layerbirthday cake for her granddaughter decorated with edible flowers. She also made a strawberry shortcake just dripping with strawberries. I love her cakes. I did not have a single bite, even though my mom offered me a bite of hers. I knew if I had 1 bite I would have a whole slice. I WANT CAKE!

How was everyone else's weekend?
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another monday.

I went to my new neice's baptism yesterday and then went to her house and ate some good food. i found out my sister wants to give away her two year old (cat) because i guess she rips up the screens trying to get out. they just replaced the big one for the sliding doors. she is totally black. very petite. I told my hubby and hes like NO!

I'll have to work him a little.
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I hope that you can get the kitty - just tell hime you only think it is fair to keep the kitty in the family.
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Originally posted by Jellybelly
what's wrong?
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Mexican again Jellybelly????
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Is it just me or is today taking forever to pass?

At least I am having a giggle in the IMO forum about the porn name thread.
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Mondays always seem to pass ever so slowly for me as well.

Went to the gym, have volleyball games tonight - had practice yesterday and for some reason I improved a LOT - no idea how

Going for mexican before we go to the games.

Have a great monday!
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I hate Mondays. I have an induction to go to tonight, but I REALLY don't want to go. I've already paid my membership dues . . . do you think I have to go to be "official", or is it just a nice ceremony? Like, will I be penalized for not going?
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I'm having a GREAT Monday! First of all, I got a new toy at work. Since it is year end and they have to spend money, I requested a color printer for my work area since I am printing a lot of color stuff for marketing materials. So I got a spiffy new HP printer.

Then, out of the blue, the Big Boss comes up and says "It's Bonus time!" I wasn't even expecting it. I think "Bonus" and I think calendar year end. And my bonus is really nice!

AND I'm really proud of myself! I worked out on both Saturday and Sunday. I got on a scale over the weekend and found I had gained back about 10 pounds, so I need to start working out again, and I DID!
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Heidi, that was a great post! I'm glad you're having such a great Monday and it's nice to read a happy reply in the DT, especially on a Monday. Made me smile.

Mondays I spend my mornings volunteering with the penguins at the aquarium, and the afternoons volunteering with the barn animals at my local spca. Got bit by a few penguins, and almost bit by an angry bunny in the barn. Now I'm finally home to play with and feed my own animals who at least appreciate me!
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Congratz Heidi!

I wish I could say the same for my Monday. I am in hell again. I live here 5 days a week, most people commonly refer to it as work. I call it "pay back for being really bad in another lifetime". I want to run away.

In happier news, my cousin got engaged a month or so back (that work thing has stopped me from posting so much), and asked me to be her Maid of Honor. She lives in North carolina and this past weekend was home. We were able to find her a dres sand pick out bridesmaid dresses and everything. So, that is relief , and I am very happy for her and very excited.

My friends and I sat down and discussed plans for our next vacation, and originally we were going to go to Greece, but since the Olympics are going there next year, we are thinking Italy.

So, I hang onto the happy things, and continue to serve penance for that bad past life thing.
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Things are relatively quiet, here. Work was steady, with nothing untoward happening.

I woke up at 1:30 this morning, because my allergies were acting up and making my nose itch. Went to the bathroom for benzocaine ointment and had to run an obstacle course: the house was very warm and Rowdy and Buddy were both stretched out on the bathroom floor, blocking the doorway.

When I got home from work, there was half a Buddy sticking out from under our bed. He figured that, since he couldn't see me, I couldn't see him. He got a big surprise, when I reached down and tickled his belly.
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I had my coffee a bit late so it started working twice! LOL!! My allergies are keeping me miserable and I can't get online as much due to wireless connection which is not that great I reckon. ANyway...
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