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so i bought a feliway mister...

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Ok, so here's the story... we have 4 cats in the house. Felicity is 2, and has been living with us almost all her life, she comes from a past background of abuse. She is fixed, and has her claws. About 6 months ago, my roommates brought home another cat, Peanut. Peanut is a year old,is fixed, and has her claws, and socializes very well with other cats, and shows no agresion. Three months after that, we brought home two female kittens, Emo and Easter, both are almost 6 months right now, and have not been fixed yet. We went through all the proper techniques introducing the kittens and Peanut to felicity, and at first she was fine with them, but recently she's becoming more and more agressive. I know she's perfectly healthy because we brought her to the vet, and there's no problems, so I decided to buy a mister thinking things would get better... well,

I finally bought a feliway mister about a month ago, hoping to lessen Felicity's aggression towards the other cats in the house, and low and behold she's getting worse. She's even more agressive towards the other cats then she used to be. She has fewere boughts of aggression, but when she is agressive it's more violent than it used to be.

I'm at my freaking wits end here, shes driving me nuts, we have to keep her in our room over night now, cause she goes crazy on the other cats, growling and hissing at them. And its obvious she's not trying to have fun, she's being generally aggressive...
please help.
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Hmmmmm , the only thing I can think off is that she don't like the 2 maturing kitten . It may would help some if you would get the 2 spayed .
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I would venture to say you have to many cats for your home. Giving the cats an outside enclosure will help, because cats need their space.

I would also start applying vanilla extract to each cat to make them all smell the same, but if her agression continues to build, I would take her to a second vet and find out if she really is healthy, or if your vet missed something the first time around.
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