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Noisy scratching post?

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Simon has a couple of scratching posts which he uses, but he seems really entranced with my computer chair. We've got one of the cheapo 20 dollar jobs from walmart with the plastic cover on the piece connecting the back and the seat. He LOVES scratching that plastic bit. It doesn't really bother me in the least, and we've decided that the chair is the piece of furniture we're most willing to sacrifice. I'm wondering if there are any posts made of similar material, I've looked and coudln't find any.

Also wondering if this is in any way harmful to him? Also want to mention that I clip his nails regularly if that makes any difference. Thanks!
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Hmmmmmmm....I don't know of any scratching posts made of plastic. Have you looked on Meowhoo.com?
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Thank you for the suggestion, but yes I have. I assume that most kitties prefer a quiet scratching post, not one that's going to pop at them. LOL
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try making one yourself. its easy and half the price! get some wood that is used for the mail box posts (home depot) and a base that is at least 24x24. (this depends on how tall you have it). wrap it with carpet first, then the plastic.

this is what hubby made for amber and she loves it!

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You can buy the plastic material at most Fabric or hobby stores (Hancock, Hobby Lobby, Michaels). Attach it with either hot glue and/or a staple gun (make sure the staples are in deep or they can pull them out and swallow them). We made a post out of a fallen branch from our back yard and attached it with bolts to a 24X24 inch piece of plywood - wrapped the post in sisal rope. Make sure the plywood is at least 3/4 inch thick, or it will not support the weight of your cat clawing it and will topple over.
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