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kitten questions

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I haven't had a kitten around for a loooooong time now, and have some kitten questions for y'all...

Ivan, the little grey foster kitten, came with baggage (the biting, jumping kind - blech!). I've put Advantage on all the cats & dogs, and have been using a flea comb on the kitten, but he still has some b/c they're jumping on me! He's about 9 weeks old now - does anyone know if it's safe to use Advantage on him yet? If so, what ml dose? I'm cheap & use the big dog kind, splitting it up w/ a syringe.

I'm feeding him canned kitten food right now, feeding him as much as he wants to eat in the morning, noon, afternoon, and at bedtime...what age should I start offering dry? Will he drink water on his own? I haven't seen him drinking, so I've been adding water to his canned food, though he does have a tiny bowl of water out.

What age do you start vaccinations? He needs to go to the vet soon b/c I saw tapeworm eggs on his little furry behind today. And my dog LOVES to lick him there, so now she probably has them too.

Any little fuzzy kitten insight is appreciated!
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Tess take him to the vets for a checkup. They will worm and deflea him safely.
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He has an appointment tomorrow afternoon, along with the stray puppy (still have her, now she's due for boosters). I never mess around when it comes to worms. These strays are breaking me, especially when it's on top of our older pets' care. They get better dental and medical care than I do!

Can you give me any advice about the feeding - when it's OK to introduce dry food, and if he'll consume water at his age or if I need to mix it in with his canned food?

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