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:( help and prayer!

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My 2 year old long hair Tiki was just fine last night and this morning when I let her back in the house after her regular morning stroll outside...

She was eager to get in on some wet food. But shortly I heard her gagging violently - vomit out (almost sound like sneezing out) white bubbly mucus with blood stained.

She acted like she has something in her throat and kept stretching her neck, having fronts paws wiping the mouth. She seemed that she wants to eat, but as soon as she eats, she continued vomit out food, and eventually brown water with white bubbly mucus. By the time I took her to the vet (an hour or two later), she has almost lost her voice.

The vet suspects possible obstruction and is keeping her to be sedated for xray. If he find obstruction, then there is surgery... I hope she won't need surgery! Has anyone experienced this before?

Please send your prayers to Tiki to help her get through this!

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I wish you had gotten her to the vet right away. Lets hope she find something bad outside and try to eat it. Please let us know what they find.
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poor thing! it sounds like she got into something alright. i hope that it is easy to fix!!
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OMG poor thing . I will pray for your Tiki
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I will keep Tiki in my prayers
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Good Luck...let us know how you get on.
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Poor kitty.I hope she is alright and it's not anything major.Please keep us updated.
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Thank you all for your warm thoughts. Here is the update on Tiki. Her fever is down, blood work come back ok with some indication of infection which is not surprising with the stress she is under. Xrays of stomach and lung are clear!

But she continues gagging and vet hasn't given her anything to eat so we don't know if eating will aggrevate it further. Vet is taking another xray of her neck and throat since she is particularly bothered when touched there.

What might be the reasons for cats to gag other than foreign objects? Would hair ball be one of the reasons?
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