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Hello from 3 Ny cats

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Hello, I live in upstate NY, and these are my kitties. Patrick (flame point), Max (seal point) and Isabella, Queen of the night. They were all unwanted babies (hard to believe), and I've had the boys since they were 5 weeks old, and Isabella from 4 weeks. Just wanted to say "hello", and how nice this site is.
I haven't updated my website in a couple of months, but I'll be getting to it shortly. If anyone has a moment to spare, you could visit my corner of the world at The Dragonsnest
Thanks for sharing!

Jill, Max, Patrick and Queen Isabella
P.S. We are moving to Utah in about 6 months, and I have never been there. If anyone lives or has visited around the Ogden area (or Salt Lake as well), I would love some input!
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Isabella didn't come out in my first post, so here she is.
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What gorgeous kitties you have!!!!

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Welcome to this cat site
You got a nice website , I really like it . You got some pretty babies furry and non furry one .
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Welcome to the site Jill! What beautiful kitties you have!! It is hard to believe they were unwanted, but then I can't imagine any of them being unwanted. Little Isabella is such a doll, but then I am developing a real soft spot for torties. Patrick and Max are so regal, and I love how they are cuddling.
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Welcome! Beautiful kitties.
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great kitties!
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What lovely babies! Especially Queen Isabella -- I, too, have a special soft spot for Torties, and she's a sweetie! Welcome to this neat place.
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Welcome to TCS! Your persians are very beautiful! As you see I breed Persians!

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So nice to get such a warm and furry welcome!
Thank You!
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awww the baby is so cute
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When you look at a faces like that how can one not fall in love?!

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What pretty kitties! I love the one of them "hugging" eachother! Welcome to TCS!
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Hi and welcome to the site! Pretty little furbabies you have there.
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Hi OMG I think I am going to die with the sheer beauty of your kitties: Anywho Welcome to TCS.
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Hello and Welcome to TCS. Your kitties are beautiful.
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