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Spraying problems.

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Hello. I have a problem and I'm hoping for some answers. I have 3 indoor cats, the last two that we adopted Cupcake, who has been here for 3 years and Shadow who has been here for a year, have the strangest relationship. One minute they are sitting out on my back screened in porch side by side looking around the next minute Cupcake is attacking Shadow. Cupcake is very aggressive. Now I caught Cupcake spraying my wall with urine and yes all my boys are neutered. I cleaned it up with Nature's Mircale, now I just caught Shadow spraying the same area. What do I do to stop this? I can't have them spraying in the house and here I thought having them neutered meant no spraying!! Thank you in advance for any advice. Angela
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I would bet that as they were sitting on the porch, a stray cat wandered by. This intruder angered Cupcake who directed his aggression toward Shadow. This is called redirected aggression. Further, because of this strange cat Cupcake had to mark his territory to ensure that everyone knows that it is HIS house and to warn away the strange cat. This is not unusual behavior.

To stop his spraying, please read the suggestions in the post titled Ideas for Inappropriate Peeing Problems Answered. You can find this thread by looking at the top of the Behavior Forum. Or click here for the thread.
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