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My Neighbors Cat

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My neighbors cat has begun acting up whenever he goes away for a few days or now, even when he leaves to go to work. He has begun to "eliminate" on my neighbors bed as if to punish him. My neighbor is ready to give the cat away. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions.
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Has your neighbor taken his cat to the vet for a checkup? He could have a urinary tract infection or crystals?
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My neighbor took him to the vet and found him to be physically healthy. I believe the cat is doing this out of spite. It only happens when my neighbor is packing or, most recentoy, prepring to leave for work in the morning. He only does it in my neighbors presence. The cat is 4 years old and seems to be suffering from some sort of separation anxiety. He is a beautiful cat and I'd hate to see him given away, but that's where this is leading.
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Tell your neighbor to try giving the cat a toy with the owner's scent on it. By this I mean something as simple as a sock that has been worn, but not washed, made into a ball. Cut off top of sock and stuff into toe and knot or sew shut. Give this to the cat to sleep with and play with and have near him when the owner is not around. I hope this works. Some cats suffer from terrible "seperation anxiety" and this helps them have the one they miss close to them by proxy.

Let me know if this helps and I will try to come up with some other things for them to try.

Happy to have you with us at The Cat Site. I am sure some of the other members will have more suggestions, also.

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Any updates on ur neighbor's cat? Has he kept the cat or? Has it changed its' behavior??
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No updates. He has not given him up yet and really wants to keep him - without the problems, of course. Our schedules have not matched up in the last few days, so I have not had a chance to pass on the suggestions that you guys have given. I will however as soon as I can and will pass on the results. Thanks for the help.
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Maybe Bachs Remedy can help and calm down kitties fears. Please tell your neighbor not to give up!!
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What is Bachs Remedy?
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Okay, here's an update. I spoke with my neighbor today and he says that his cat is doing much better. He thinks the trauma may have been caused when he had to leave town while the cat was sick and he boarded him. The cat, although receiving care, felt abandoned and began acting out.

For the time being, my neighbor has moved away from the idea of giving away his furry friend. (Thankfully, he really did not want to do that). If his cat acts up again, I gave him some of the advice that I received. So hopefully, the crisis is over.

Thanks to everyone for the help and concern.
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