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New Stove

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Ted and I bought a new heating stove in April(when We were both working) It finally came in,bought it from a man who ordered it from Canada,Jamestown Pellet Stove. It took for ever to get here! Anyway here is!
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there was no way we were heating with wood anymore,to dirty and getting hard to find around here.Pellest are much cleaner.
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Looks very nice & much cleaner than the wood burning kinds. Good job!
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Looks nice, does it put out a lot of heat? Your kitties seem to like it.
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My friend in Nebraska in the dead of winter had one, and it heated her house great! Never needed the furnace.
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that pretty cool, it looks very rustic. and cozy!
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Wow! That looks nice! Congrats on the new stove!
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I love that radiant heat in the winter time! Congrats!
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It heat's my home great!And I love it!Thank you!It was black and Ted painted it off white.
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That's a beautiful stove!!
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Cool stove - I love them! We have a wood-burning version in our living room and when we lost power in January last year for 5 days from an ice storm, it was the only heat in our house. We also cooked on top of it a couple of nights. My kitties like to sleep under it when it is lit.
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I used to cook a big pot of chili on our wood stove on Super bowl Sunday,we have lost power a couple time and only had the wood stove for heat and cooking also,now we also plan on getting a small propane heater for when there is no power!home depto(SP) has them for $99.00,and it is on wheels so you can move it where you need it.You use the small propene tanks.
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Love the stove!! And good thing he painted it white, very unique!!! Looking forward to toasted marshmallows/smores?
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Will you use that stove to heat your house in the winter? I know it gets pretty cold in the winter, were you're from.
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yes we are going to use it to heat our mobile home,it is a 70 x 14,it is big enough w/ the small propane heater in the bathroom.we have allready been useing it!it has been 32 here the last 2 night's!
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