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Watch my kitten cam!

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If any of you have been to the kitten section lately, you'll know my roommate and I just adopted two beautiful kittens. We love them to pieces!

This is Kaylee (named after a character from Firefly), Jay's kitty:

And this is Khaleesi (named after character from Game of Thrones), my kitty:

Because I'm a nervous crazy new mom, I set up a live webcam in my living room to monitor their behavior together and to make sure no one gets stuck on anything, etc (I have my pet sitting boss ready for action if they're in trouble

Figured you guys would love it if I shared!

kaostreams - live streaming video powered by Livestream

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Watch my kitten cam!

They are both just adorable little kids! How sweet!


I'm going to move your post up to the Fur Pictures and Videos Only section of The Cat Lounge. That way, everybody will be able to see them and enjoy your babies, too.

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