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NASCAR junkies...did you watch the race?

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OMG! Todays race was the best one all year! I'm actually hoarse now from screaming at my TV! Dale Jr did an awesome job today...must have been because I added him to my Siggie today!LOL!

Did anyone watch that horrific wreck with Elliott Sadler? I honestly didn't think he was going to walk away from that one. My heart pounded so hard & jumped into my throat when it happen. I do pray that he's ok! If anyone would like to see the wreck, go to & click on Spectacular Wreck (Sadler goes for a wild ride...). was a scary site to see!

Just curious if anyone watched & what they thought!
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My hubby is a Nascar junkie and we did see that wreck. I couldn't believe he walked away! I think we counted 6 rolls, not counting his air time. Did you see the big one right after they crossed the finish line?
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Yeah..but I was so excited about Mikey & Jr that I didn't even pay much attention! That one wasn't nearly as bad though. I never did hear how Larry Foyt turned out with his big wreck today. Man...that just sucks that 2 guys got sent to the Hospital today!
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Oh shoot...I forgot about the crew guy that got hit today! Wow...Dega is one wild place!!!

I do hope that they all are ok!
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LOL we didn't watch the whole race. I'm an evil wife and made him switch back so I could watch the football game too. Woohoooooo my team won!
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watched the crash, yikes!
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It's funny in my household...Mom & I are the NASCAR junkies & the boys are constantly begging us to watch something else!
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That's cause some of those drivers are worth watching!!! LOL
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YES!! Gotta love my Jr!
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GO MIKEY!! I'm glad DEI got the 1-2 finish, even if Jr. didn't get the 5th straight Dega win.

OMG, I screamed when I saw Sadler's wreck! I was holding my breath until I saw him get out of the car. At the end of the broadcast, they didn't have any further updates on either of the guys who were taken to the hospital.
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Wasn't it just a wild race? So many major heart was just doing flip flops all day!
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Naturally, Bill was watching. I just caught bits and pieces, as I passed through the room.
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My son likes watching it
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I'm hopelessly addicted!
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he likes Jeff Gordon for some odd reason LOL
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*no comment*
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Nope! Watched football!
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Football... Nascar

Just kiddin'!
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We were playing the remote game today....NASCAR, then the Broncos game started about halfway through the race, and hubby had to keep checking on his Cubs. We, OK I mainly watched the race.
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