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Middle names for cats

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My cats have always had a middle name. First I had Toounces, and use to call her Toouncy Lou alot, so Lou became her middle name. Now I have Liberty and Freedom and they both have the same middle name, Belle. Anyone else do this?
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My crew has middle names...which I use mainly when they're being naughty!

Echo Jean
Tiki LaRue
Bud Roe

And for my Pooch, Mandy Sue.
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Well, Socks' name is Socks, but I call her Bellah...out of habit. LoL... I dunno why. So I guess her name would be Sockie Bellah... :p

I think I annoy her when I say "Bellah" though, because it's a long drawn out "Belllllllllllllllllllahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" lol.
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mine has middle names also, blackie jo and stripey lynn
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Mine don't have middle names, just loads of nicknames!
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never had middles names, just first ones. even though I rarely call amber by her name, mostly i call her stinky.
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Hmmmm . . . Luna has more than one word in her name (it's kinda long, actually), so she doesn't have a middle name. Luna is actually her nickname, or call name.
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Peedoodle Noodle

Kahu Poo Poo
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I am like Sue , only nicknames
It is hard after having so many cat to find also middle names .
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Leo's full name is Galileo Maximus. I named him after the Gladiator Movie
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Patches full name is: Patches Marie Turnock
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