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Cat infatuated with new toy

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This all happened by accident. I took the laundry out of the washer and an underwire came out of my bra and fell to the floor...., she snagged it right up and she plays with it 20-30 minutes a day, sometimes more, she will play with it at times for a whole 30 min. and go back to it later. It is completely safe, it is curved and has a good tuff coating on the ends, and she doesn`t chew it, just flips it around, and slides it across the floor. Linda
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LMAO! your cat male? LOL!
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LMAO Shell! My JB loves to chew on my clothes
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No, not a male, defenitely a priss feminine lil gal, you pet her and she puts her paw up and stands on 3 legs. Very soft and feminine, and extremely dainty, where as my other one, she is a galloping horse.
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how funny
And there I am buying all kind off cat toys and all I need is a old wire bra
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I wonder if that old bra on ebay had an underwire... =p
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lol. after all the toys that are out for cats (and the many I've bought) the best ones are ones that are just lying around the house!
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SylentRayne LMAO , you are to funny
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i wonder if my boys would like some underwire isnt it funny, their just like kids
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That's cute that your kitty plays with your bra under-wire.
My Nala will pounce on my lingerie when I am going to bed. I have to back away from her when I'm putting on my red satin silk lingerie bottoms, or it's PoUnCe time!
I guess 'Lingerie' can bring the 'friskey' out in both the human & feline species.... :P
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LOL! Too funny!
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Now be honest, since this post how many bras at this group are missing the underwires???
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All of my bras are missing their underwires, ....but then, none of them had them in the first place I usually wear Jockey...and that usually doesn't have the underwire.
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Leo did the same thing. I did some laundry and he found the underwire. He was going crazy playing with it. Had to stuggle with him to get it back lol.
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Looks like I am going to have to cut up a bra.
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