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Smokey at the bridge

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Well the day that I had dread most came on Friday. My baby girl passed away on Friday. Smokey died in my arms somewhere between 8:30 - 9:00 pm. shortly before she passed she lifted her weak little head & gave me one last meow. I believe she was saying good bye. My heart is broken & my apartment is so lonely. There is a part of me that is relieved that it's all over & that she is out of pain, but I worry about who is taking care of her right now. I hope that where ever she is she is getting lots of peperoni pizza & is running & playing again.
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I am so sorry about your loss . I am sure she is in a better place now , where she can run , play and eat what she wants .
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I'm sorry to hear of Smokey's passing, as its always hard to lose those dear to us. She's probably scarfing down those pizzas as we speak. (((hugs)))
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I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My deepest condolences. Smokey couldn't have passed in a better place than in your arms, comforted by you. Here's wishing for many many pepperoni slices and frolicking at the RB.
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I firmly believe that heaven would not exist without the presence of animals. What is more soothing than the beat of an angel's heart than the purr of a cherished cat, or the thumping of a dog's tail. A few years ago, I knocked myself out cold, and while I was *out*, I experienced a visit with my son (long passed). Among our feet as we talked, there was soft movements, head bumpings and nudges.

I cling to that faith as I walk in this world today. Knowing that the animals that have gone from us, call to our hearts below. I echo the sentiment of a dear friend of mine, Traci, when she tells me and I agree, how much at times she wishes she were up there with all of her beloved, instead of down here dealing with the pain.

I am beyond sorry for your loss. For your footsteps that ring hollow in your room, and for the ache that now rests in your heart. You had that final goodbye with Smokey, I know what that is like, I had the final goodbye with Shredder. It doesn't make the burden any easier to bear, it just lets us know they passed from our arms of love into another's waiting embrace-

Hugs ((((((()))))))))
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I am sooooo sorry ((((***hugs***))))
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I'm so sorry for your loss. But poor little Smokey died in your arms, loved and as safe as she could be before passing away.

I hope your sadness will be replaced soon with the joy of having known and loved Smokey.
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So sorry to hear about Smokey's passing. *Hugs*.

Smokey's at the Rainbow Bridge and is being well cared for with anything she wants/needs, just as you did during her time with you. SHe went with the knowledge of your everlasting love for her and she will greet you there with hers.

Time will pass but the loving memories of your life woth Smokey will not. She'll always be with you, a soft rustle of drapes, a presence near you - she's letting you know she's there always in spirit.

Take some time to mourn - its natural - but she'd want you to remember her always but not to grieve forever.

Take care of yourself.

*Many hugs*.
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{{{ hugs }}}
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I am so sorry for your loss
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I am very sorry for your loss.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. How old was Smokey?
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Smokey was 17 and had battled CRF for 2 years. I will always be proud of how strong & brave she was especially in the last two years of her life. I couldn't have asked her to fight any harder, when the time came I was the one who grew weak & tried of the fight, but not her. She fought right up until the end, even as she was dieing in my arms she stoped breathing once, her heart almost stoped, but she started breathing again & her heart picked back up, it was only for a couple of moments but she didn't give up until she had no choice.
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I haven't been on for a couple days and was so very sorry to hear of Smokey's passing. You were such a great comfort to Smokey and the bond you two shared was unbreakable. My heart goes out to you and I just know Smokey is in heaven and will be waiting for you when you get there. Take comfort in knowing you'll see your sweet baby again. (((((((HUGS))))))) I am so very sorry for your loss.
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{{{Hugs}}} im so sorry
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I'm so sorry I just read this now.. Rest in Peace Smokey.
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I'm so sorry - I just read this. Please accept my sincere condolences on your loss of Smokey and my admiration for the two years you gained for Smokey after the diagnosis of crf.

I believe in angels and that some have fur as well as wings,
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