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OK I found one more where you can see the fan hopefully better
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Hedi - that is so awesome!
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wow! A cat castle! I guess that makes you the lowly serfs who cater to their every whim?
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That is fantastic

Do you rent out your hubby???? Plllleeeeaaaaasssseeeeee!

Just kidding Well, maybe, not really
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Hermoine you would have to stand in line . I had a few friends and relative asking already
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Oh well, thought it was worth a try.
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Wow, in my next life I want to come back as one of your kitties.

Tell your hubby he is one good soul and very very talented.

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Thanks guys , I told Mike (hubby) all your compliments . So he told me : See I told you that I am a great guy , not every body has a husband like you and build for her cats a house for them selfs . Well , what can I say ....... I huged him and said thank you hun
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aww. what a sweetie.

Hey, if you don't mind me askin', how much does an adventure like that cost?
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I think my husband spent about $ 1200 in material and all .
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Hedi, Peter did a wonderful job so be extremely proud of him! I showed your pics to Peter (MY Hubby) and he now wants to do something similar. I think that women married to Peters are the luckiest women in the world.

The question for us would be is it possible to build a Cat Enclosure for where we live?

I think that it would probably get only used once a year and that would be summer and fall. Unless we could think of a way to rig up some heating somehow. I think if we did build a Cat Enclosure we would have to add more things because of all of the wild animals on our property.

Does anyone have any ideas about this what is seeming to be an enormous project?
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WOW that would be great ...What we do in the winter month , not that it is really cold here . We cover the hole enclosure with very thick plastick ( forgot what it is called) and that keeps the chill away . If you lay some electric out , you also can use some heating pats for the cats .At least your cats would be able to stay a little longer out there in the colder time of the year . Well good luck and make sure you make plenty of pictures if you do .

By the way my husbands name is Mike not Peter But the name Peter means rock I belive and is a great name .
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Great enclosure and new addition ! I'm jealous !
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Wow! That's an amazing enclosure, complete with a skywalk and windowed ventilation. It looks more like a resort complex for cats... LOL! You two sure know how to spoil your kitties.
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
By the way my husbands name is Mike not Peter But the name Peter means rock I belive and is a great name .
Yeppers, Peter means rock which is the foundation! I realized after I posted that I called Mike Peter, my apologies for that I'm just so DUH!!!!
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Oh my Goodness !

That is great ! I'm trying to convince my wife to let me build something like that connected to the back of our house. I'm going to show here those pictures to give her an idea. She's afraid it will be " ugly and intrusive " and thinks I'm crazy to want to build one. Our herd of 5 cats would love it !

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This pic was taken from way back in our yard
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The entree in the enclosure , if you look real cloth you may see Jasmine's feed
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Oh I am sooo jealous. I wish I lived in a house not an apartment to do something like that for our furbabies. Those are some really luck cats you have there.
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OK one more , I know it is not furr picture here but hat to show how the doorway works
Jasmine comming out
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Got 2 more pictures
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#2 this one you can see the walk way my hubby starting build
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Hedi, I don't know how I missed these but WOW! Great construction and design and planning went into this. Raffael looks like he is saying "I want out of here!" in that one picture! LOL Very nice job all the way around.

Nice to have a handy hubby isn't it?
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Hedi- I love this thread! I think you and Peter are absolute angels, bulding a palace for your babies like that!

We're bulding a enclosure for our kitties at the moment...

Can't wait to show you pics!
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Thank you all for the compliments .

M.A. yes it is very nice to have a handy hand around the house

Ummm Sam , my hubbys name is Mike .Thank you for the compliments you given us . That is great you get a enclosure too . I cant wait to see your pictures .

OK now , Mike got some more ideas . Now he wants the part where the 2nd floor is unterneath (sp) to close it in since he really don't like to crawl in there for tools or anything . Make a nice wood floor there and maybe some carpet on top . Also he talk about making one big window for the cats to look out there . And where the cat tree is to open up that part for the cats to go in the new room . He also was talking about maybe to make a opening from the 2nd floor some kind of spiral way for the cats to climp up and down in there .( talking to self , then he says he don't care much about the cats yeah wright ) . So there will be more pictures to come for sure and I am so excidet about that part .
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Tell Mike he can over to my house any time to start one of those! that is amazing!
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That is amazing!
I have to say i have nevr seen anything like it! Good on you for being such a wonderful mum!!!!! Wow

I'm very jealous. WOW
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This is really neat
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I'm so jealous!! That is an awesome enclosure! I wish i could build one for my boys, but we rent the house we're in, and its not possible right now. If we ever buy it, its one of the first things I'll do
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