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Hedi I love seeing the progress on your cat place/palace!! It is unbelievable and so cool!! You have the luckiest cats ever!!! (And a wonderful husband lol!)
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Man I would love to be able to build something like that for Zero since he's not able to go outside! I would connect it to the house via a walkway or something I suppose. I wish I was that handy!

Congrats on an awesome job for you and your husband!
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The color is on
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I run out of the original color , so I took a color we had standing around for a while . I think it don't look to bad . What do you think ?
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2nd floor
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The steps
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Hedi, the more pictures I see of your kitty place the more impressed I am!

My husband is willing to build me one but I haven't gotten around to buying materials. The reason he wants to build one is because he thinks I shouldn't have all the cats in the house all the time! But what do I care? He doesn't live with me anyway!
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Thanks mjazz
I am sure your cats would love to go outsite in spring till fall time . Let him build you one , but you make the decition (sp) when your cat can go in or out heehe
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I'm going to start trying to buy supplies and let him build a small one. I guess I need to get on the ball and let him do it before he goes back to Iraq. Because then he'll be gone for 3-6 months! I don't want one as big & beautiful as yours. It looks like to much work to keep it up and clean! I'm not that ambitious!
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So Hedi, the cats get the house and this Palace? Wow! The place looks so good! The design is ingenious and the colors are fabulous! Way to go!
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Mzjazz and I think you don't need one as big as mine . I have a lot more kitties and so need more room for them to roam around and bounce around .That make's a big difference I think .

I think it is a great idea to let him build you one now , befor he leaves for that long time . You can make one with very few wood and mostly wire around the hole thing and may be also cheaper . I know we spend a few thousend dollars in ours .
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Tamme , yes the kitties get it all , house and enclosure
Thanks for the compliment
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LOL< What a beautiful and lovely house you have! for your cats. yes-I agree, the husband is quite the handyman, and what a lucky bunch of cats you have. I know Simba especially would be droooling to get in there and explore everything!
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Thanks Loubelia , you can send Simba to visit for a while
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Hedi, the Cat Palace is looking FANTASTIC!!!!!!
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WOW! I love the new pics with the pretty paint on! Seriously I think your cats have a better house than I do at the moment!!
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Hello Heidi, The colors look great, so nice and bright. Your husband has done a wonderfull job. I am adding a cat house to my retirement list . We plan to build a house in 6 years and a cat house will be built also.
Your kitties are very lucky and look very happy.
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Thank you guys for all the complimets and kind words you have given us .

Clara , that is wondefull that you are planing the future with your ktties in mind . They will love you for that . I know my cats love the enclosure and go in there every day .

I had to lock them out while I was re painting the insite of the enclosure , gosh they were highly ticked off at me on that day . After I was done and the paint was try I let them back out site . Talking about something new . My goodness they checked everything out to see what in the world did I do to their palace That was so funny watching them , like they made sure that everything was ok and I did not break anything
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Wow hedi! Great pictures - I just love what you have done to the enclosure.

You and your hubby are such wonderful people to take care of so many cats and to spoil them to boot!
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Thank you 3BlackCats
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Wow, Heidi! I am so impressed with the Palace Im jealous, too I have room in my backyard and a nice way I could add it on to my house, I just have to wait for some extra funds to do it. I probably will start next summer, as you have inspired me! That way I can also justify getting more cats.... more room=more cats! Although mine would have to be just a 3 season one, since winters in Minnesota are wayyyyyyy too cold to think about being outside. Gosh Im getting excited just thinking about it! Im so impressed with yours!
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MamaKat , thanks
You know , my husband were buying each time he had some money a little more material at a time . So it would not @ up so much . And he build as the money would strech and then stop again and so forth .Otherwise we would never be able to make that enclosure posible .
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I got some new pics
This is the site again to the left , Mike placed a birdfeeder there for the cats to enjoy . We also got rid of all the grass and plants there and placed gravel (sp) there . We had a few time snake's there crawling around and now they will not be able to hide there any more .
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A few more pics from the front and a pic from the cat-walk . The cat-walk has also mosquito sreen on now , including the hole cat enclosure . So no more bites from them bad mosquitoes and I no longer have to be scared of heartworm for my baby's
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Looking good Hedi. You've got a beautiful property.
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Thank you so much sam
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Hedi that is so fantastic. Wish I had room (and someone to build it) for something like that.
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