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Urraco still urinating...

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Okay. He's been doing this for months now..

Took him to the vet, and he got another medical checkup, including pee test and blood test. NOTHING out of the ordinary, other than some elevated phosphorus levels that the vet said was nothing.

I've been enjoying a pee-free environment for 2 weeks now since then... and all of a sudden this morning, AFTER me and him and Jarama have been awake for awhile, he comes back to the area of the floor I'm sleeping on (he pee'd too much on my futon pads to keep them)... and pee's.

It's getting VERY hard to hold back my anger over this. He's destroying every peice of bedding I have. I have No clue what to do. Seems visits to the vet where he gets a shot, stop the pee'ing for a few weeks, but then it starts back up... however, there is "no medical issue" that could cause it ?!?!

I'm at a total loss. As much as I HATE to have to think it... I might have to find Urraco a new home if this can't be remedied. I just cant go through loosing all my bedding and doing laundry EVERY day for the rest of our lives together. If it is behavioural, I have NO clue how to fix it. I've done everything possible within my power to improve/change/test the environment, and still he persists.

I'm within site of the end of my rope.... Please, if ANYONE has any ideas... I don't want to have to find hime a new home, but I just can't take this much longer.
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check the thread a few posts down, called 'litter box problem, help'. there are some suggestions there. good luck!
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