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My kids - Page 2

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I love your furbabies!! LOL! Cute ones and I love ferrets, loads of fun there!
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One more, one of my favorites of Taz. Checking out the neighbors.
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OMG , the one in the sink is to funny . It looks like he is singing a soprano part for the opera

I really like all pictures , thanks for sharing .
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What a beautiful furry family!
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Some more pics.
Taz with 2 9 week old foster kittens. It's the first time I ever had cats this young. HOW does anyone get any sleep???? The girl would sleep on my head while her brother was next to my face. The first week wasn't bad because they were still somewhat unsure of me, but by the second week they realized pouncing on a sleeping human was fun!
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Taz and Abby sleeping together in bed.
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one more...Taz and Max (on right) Max was a foster who had a broken leg and needed time to heal. I'm happy to say he's now in his forever home.
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Those are great pictures . The one pic with your sleeping dog is so cute . You got a very pretty dog
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*cheers* I have a kitty named after me!! Woooot!

~ Salem
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