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My kids

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I hope I can do this right. I just introduced my kids in the New Kids on the Block forum and wanted to show them here. So, with no further ado, introducing (drum roll please):

Taz (DSH, orange w/white tabby)
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Taz is handsome.
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Salem (DSH, mostly all black except for a white dot on his head, some on this chest and tummy)
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Ike (foster) (DSH, buff and white)
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Abby (DLH), all white....ok, so she's more of the exotic variety
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Taz with 2 other "exotics"
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Thanks greycat. I think so too but I may be a tiny bit prejudice.
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I have a technical question. I can't see the pictures I sent, but someone else can. I think it might have something to do with the Virus and Firewall protection on my laptop. I can see text and people's sig lines, including their pictures.

Is there something I need to set to see pictures attached?

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Beautiful animals! I love the standing pose by Taz, very cute.
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Thanks! Taz sometimes thinks their heads are basketballs to be "dribbled", but the ferrets get their revenge by giving his belly love bites. And believe me, they have sharp teeth and powerful jaws. Taz is no dummy and now only tries to play "basketball" when he has an avenue of escape.
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Gorgeous kitties! (And doggie.)
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Originally posted by fuzzmom
Taz with 2 other "exotics"
I love that pic, he looks so curious! How does he like the ferrets?
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Those are Ferrets on the chair? That is a really cute picture.
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As I said before your dog is just gorgeous!
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Great pics!! All beautiful furrkids.
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Beautiful family of furrkids, love the exotics too!
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they are all so cute!!!!
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What a nice family!
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They are all gorgeous
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Thanks everybody for making my furkids feel so welcome.

As for how Taz gets along with the ferrets, I'm not really sure what he thinks they are. But it's funny, all the cats treat them with respect. When they see birds outside their behavior changes instantly and they all immediately go into stalk mode. They show none of that behavior towards the ferrets and almost treat them as if they are cats. They seem to recognize that ferrets are predators and not a prey animal. Perhaps because ferret body language can be similar to that of cats. They hiss when they have had enough and want to be left alone. They arch their backs to make themselves seem bigger to a possible threat.

If anything, they seem to definitely enjoy watching them. Once the ferrets start doing their "wardance", that's a signal for the cats to start playing with each other. The cats will sometimes chase the ferrets, but it's all in play and sometimes the ferrets turn the table and chase the cats. It's too funny sometimes.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the dog absolutely LOVES the ferrets, the ferrets have NO fear of her, all 65 lbs of her, and the cats and dog all get along. Now if 3 totally different species can get along, why the heck can't humans figure it out?!?!

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what a great collection of furbabies you have!
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Now if 3 totally different species can get along, why the heck can't humans figure it out?!?!
Oh, ain't THAT the truth!!

What a lovely fur family you have. Welcome!!
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beautiful family u've got there...
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Your cats are absolutely beautiful, and you take awesome pictures!
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: Beautiful purrbabies you have there. I love your Ferrets and your dog One of your Ferrets looks just like my Peppa, a ferret that I had a few years ago. I miss him
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What a gorgeous family!
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you got some lovely kids there , great shots . My favored is the one where the red cat stands on the legs looking at the ferrets in the chair . That is to cute
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thanks everyone for all the wonderful compliments on my kids. Recently, I bought a new digital camera that I've been bugging the kids with. I LOVE it. Here's some more pics (using the old camera).

Taz (I think I see his tonsils!!)
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taz climbing the plexiglass to get in and play with the ferrets
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taz doing his "hanging in mid air" impersonation (actually holding onto the screen door - naughty cat!)
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