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Its been decided - or the decision has been taken out of my hands a little today that I need to lose some weight.

I have decided that I am gonna start jogging again as I always loved the run in the past, however, the problem is when to breath/exhale? when I run.

I seem to run about three steps and then exhale and have done it this way for years although its never comfortable for me. I know a lot of you go running - whats the secret to it?

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Gee kev, I think as long as your breathing it is a good thing.
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I think the best would be to breath in and out nice and slow while running . I would not over do it in the beginning though if I were you .
I am personaly not a runner , I hate running really . But I love to walk and like step arobics (sp) and weights . The later one I have not done for over 2 years now , due to time lack . I really should start again though I am totaly out of shape .
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Kev, when I run it's in, in, out, out, in, in, out, out. Does that make sense? I breath with my steps I think. and music, do you use music? I love using music.
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Yeah kev, I have to with teresa on this one...

The secret is to find your rythem, control your breathing in a way that will be comfortable to you... everyone has their own way, I myself control breathing, and begin by breathing through your nose first.. the concentration precludes me from thinking about how much I really dislike running.
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Originally posted by DragonLady
Gee kev, I think as long as your breathing it is a good thing.
That explains why I am almost blue by the time I reach the end of the street - the secret is to breathe!!!! I knew I was missing something...

Make a mental note to one self thank this lady for advice before keel over
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Originally posted by Tamme
Kev, when I run it's in, in, out, out, in, in, out, out. Does that make sense? I breath with my steps I think. and music, do you use music? I love using music.
Can you elaborate a little more- when its in in, is that breaths? Do you breath with your rythmn of your feet? I have not run for years - music may be out of the question a little for me! I like the peace and quiet.

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kev, I think what Teresa is talking about is the same thing that I do. I breathe in steadily for the duration of two steps. Like, right foot then left foot. (Or vice versa.) Then, I exhale for the duration of two steps; right foot, left foot. I always am either exhaling or inhaling, though, I never just hold my breath. Then for sprinting, I inhale and exhale for the duration of one step each, and breathe A LOT faster. So, using dashes to separate what I do during each step, for the period of eight steps:

Jogging: in-in-out-out-in-in-out-out
Sprinting: in-out-in-out-in-out-in-out

Hope this helps!
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hey kev, good that you are starting to run again... i guess to me personally, u have to get used to running first..go slow and control your breathing to a pace where u would be comfortable with.. in in out or in in in out....anything.. up to u.. i guess ultimately if u push yourself harder, it would be pant pant pant
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i just cant help ya on this, i thought when you run you just breath as you need to but congrats. on starting to run again it cant hurt
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When I've ran, I've tried to run like how Aurora described it. I jog one-two, one-two, one-two with my feet_____ and b-r-e-a-th in 1-2, e-x-h-a-le 1-2. I try to get the best workout for my lungs as well as for my heart and muscles...And, I start out running 4 minutes, when I haven't run in awhile, and gradually increase the time I am running...
Good luck!
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Good luck kev - I would be no help he, just wanted to say good on you! I am trying to go for walks more now that I have to start trying to get fitter.
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Well I did it - ran about 3/4 of a mile and enjoyed it - took it steady and kept the same pace all the way - very gentle although I could feel the strain on my shins.
Just pleased to have done it and tomorrow I will do it again, same distance every night - it may help a bit for me.
For now, I have eaten and am going to have 20 mins with my weights in my training room before a shower and rest.
Am gonna sit and watch "saved by the bell - the wedding". Its on and I always loved that one where screech et al all goto vegas and Zak gets married.
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What I used to do before I blew my knee and jogging was out of the question was a variation of in-in-out. I would actually inhale twice. Take one breath in, stop, take another breath in, exhale, all in time to my footsteps. Sigh, I'm gonna have to suck it up and start getting on my *&%$ stationary bike. I HATE that thing.
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