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My cat is a little thief!

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One of our two cats is a little thief. Almost from the day we got her she began stealing the paper napkins out of the napkin holder on the kitchen table and usually carries them into the bed room and puts them on our bed. Sometimes she carries them into her sleeping bed, her play box (never the litter box) or just leaves a trail on the floor. But it's usually the bed. We've seen her do this right in front of us many times (the latest last night while we were rigth there in the bed room!).

It's a very cute behaviour and we're not really upset with her for doing it (though it does waste a lot of napkins), just very curious.

Why is she doing it?
What does she think she's accomplishing?
What could she be trying to tell us??

Any insights would be appreciated.

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Sounds like you have a playful kitten. I have no answers for you - One of my youngsters used to love to unroll the toilet paper and drag it all through the house - she stopped doing this after about 6 months and a lot of Charmin!
Good luck and WELCOME to the site!
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Just to let you know, you're not the only one who has to deal with this.

My cat, a 1 year old from a local pet store, has a habit of digging into both our clean & dirty laundry to fish out our socks.

It's quite humerous at times because we'll come back from trips & we'll find clothes that he has pulled through the hamper so that he can get at our socks.

And we also find those throughout the bed in the morning. Sometimes he'll hide them under out pillows, or deep under the blankets, or event at times on our heads
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Kizmet you're new to the forum?
You and Jaiem need to jump to the lounge forum and intorduce yourselves.
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