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Another newbie

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I've been lurking for awhile, but felt it was time to introduce my furkids. I have 2 cats (DSH), a foster cat (DSH), 3 ferrets, and 1 dog that I now share "custody" with.

All my cats are boys (neutured of course) around 3 years old. My first foster cat ended up being my first adopted cat (Taz) - yup, I was a foster failure He required socializing and after a couple of months I fell in love with his personality. He then helped me foster a couple of 9 week old kittens and took it upon himself to be their "uncle", showing them the ropes on how to get into mischief. But he also acted like a mom to them and made certain their ears and faces were washed every day. The next foster was recovering from a broken leg and he helped him recover by exercising his leg. Who needs a stairmaster when playing a game of tag up and down the stairs is so much more fun?

Right after Christmas last year I adopted a black cat (Salem) so Taz would have a permanent friend. The two of them became quick friends and wrestling buddies.

My current foster (Ike) had been living at the shelter since he was 6 months old and I began fostering him at 3 years old. He was extremely scared of people, semi-feral really, and after 7 months he's beginning to learn to trust. I have to thank Taz and Salem for that because of them he saw that people could be a good thing.

These guys share their home with 3 ferrets (Stretch, Snow White and Ashley). Taz loves "breaking them out" of their room so he can watch them run around the house with me in hot pursuit! He's such a brat!

I adopted my dog, Abby, 2 years ago. She's a 6 year old Samoyed who considers herself a princess (actuall a Queen). A friend of mine was layed off and being home alone all day it was starting to get to him. I kept telling him he could "borrow" Abby whenever he wanted. He took me up on the offer, as the weather was starting to get nice and he wanted to go for walks but not alone. Well, the one week turned into 2 weeks which has turned into a permanent thing. He fell head over heals for her and the feeling was mutual. Don't worry, I still see her all the time and now that he has a job which requires some traveling, she visits quite a bit. She now has 2 homes and has BOTH of us wrapped around her paws. We are her willing subjects, as it should be.

I have pictures of all my furkids that I will put up on the Fur Pictures Only! forum. It's great to find a place and people who are as obsessed about their furkids as I am. I have a website that requires updating, but you can see some older pics there.

It's great to be here. Take care.

Fuzzmom and her zoo
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Welcome to this site

That is so nice of you that you foster furr babies ,not every person can do this or is willing to do that .
Your wepsite looks great and I love all your babies , they are all very pretty and special .
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Thanks for the welcome. I have found the hardest part of fostering is letting go. My last foster was like that and we both cried in the car, but in the end he found a new forever home so that made all the tears worth it.

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Welcome to the site! I agree, you're an angel for fostering. Such a needed thing.

I look forward to getting to know you on the boards!
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Thanks for the welcome Heidi. This has become one of my favorite and most visited sites. I can't believe how friendly everyone is. It's great to be here.

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Welcome to TCS! Your samoyed is just gorgeous!
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Welcome 'Home'!
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Welcome to TCS.
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Welcome to the site!
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Hi No lurking aloud jk Glad that you finally came out of the land of the lurkers
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