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Cat pulling out hair on tail

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Hi everyone.

I´m turning to you for some advice. My cat (soon 1 year old) started to bite/pull out hair on her back and on the tail about a month ago. It started on the back and went on to the tail. Her tail has now bald spots and I find hairballs on the floor every morning.

I´ve been to the vet with hair and they couldnt find anything wrong, no fleas etc. She is very healthy and fine. They said it might be allergy and adviced me to give her a cortisone injection, which might help for it. 

Have any of you experienced something like this? I am so frustrated frusty.gifShe had a big bushy tail and now her tail is very thin and has bald spots near the root of the tail. 

She was sterilized during eastern and this behavour started shortly after.

I´ll appreciate any advices or suggestions to help my beautiful Lilli caticon.gif

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What are you feeding her? A diet change may be all that is needed.

Has there been any new stress? You'll have to give that some thought, because what stresses a cat may be something we wouldn't ever notice.

A new cat in the neighborhood she sees out a window?

Any changes? New laundry detergent or new soap you are using and so on. New litter?

Do you use those plug in "air fresheners"?

Do you notice any other 'behaviors' such as the back twitching or rippling, or her running around like she is being chased?
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Thanks for your reply smile.gif

At the moment she is eating kibbles from "Brit Care" and she has also had Royal Canin, Hills etc. In addition she gets boiled cod now and then, and sometimes wet cat food.

I have been thinking a lot about it, but I cant think of anything stressrelated. She got sterilized during the easterholiday, and it was shortly after Easter this behaviour started .... 

There is a cat who often sits outside here waiting for her, but they seem to be friends and are "talking" to eachother. I have also been using the same laundry detergent for years, without perfume. After she got sterilized and is spending a lot of time outdoors, she hardly uses the litter box inside. I also have no air fresheners .. hmm.

Maybe she is allergic to something outside? She is also scratching herself around the neck more often than normal.

I really hope that she will get better soon caticon.gif

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Do you treat for fleas?
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Yes. She is getting these drops in her neck one time a month during spring/summer. The vet also checked her for fleas, but couldnt fint anything. Now she has almost no hair left on the right side of her tail. 

Maybe I should try to change her blanket and groomingcomb, maybe she could be reacting to that as well? I am trying to think of anything that could cause the problem or allergy. Hope it will get better soon :) 

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What kind of flea drops? What brand, I mean?
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Its called "Frontline Vet" fipronil. She started pulling out fur before she started on these. I found one tick on her. She had justed started to go out then.  Do you think the tick maybe can have something with she pulling out fur? I found this a week or two after she had started pulling out her fur and removed it immediately. 

Thank you caticon.gif

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