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litterbox puzzle

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We're puzzled by a new behavior that we've noticed in our cat Wiggles (male, neutered, about one and a half years old)for the last day or two. He is constantly visiting and revisiting his litter box. He goes through his whole routine (scratches, turns, sits down, scratches again and leaves), only to do the whole thing all over again a minute later. The box doesn't seem to be getting any damper. A relative who took care of him for us while we were away in August said he noticed the same thing at one point. Could this be some sort of blockage in his urinary tract? Does this tend to be a recurrent problem? Would diet help? (He's been meowing more than usual, too, it seems. We think he may be trying to tell us something!)
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Take the kitty to the vet and have him examined right away. He could have a blockage and it could become life threatening.
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I agree with DragonLady please take him to the vet asap.
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Sounds like a UTI and he needs medication right away.

Hope he went to the vet and is doing better.
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Yes, DEFINITELY take him to the Vets! He could have a blockage, OR a urinary tract infection, but only the Vet will be able to tell you what is wrong! Good luck--and hope he feels better really soon!
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Thanks to everyone who responded so promptly to my question. We took Wiggles to the vet this morning - He has cystitis. The vet gave us antibiotics and special food, and the invalid is recuperating comfortably at home.
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I'm glad you took him to the vet and got a solution to the problem. There is almost always something wrong with your kitty if it's having litter box problems. I just found this out as well!
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