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Hmmm.  Both?  


Fabric or leather couches?

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Leather. Real, nice, soft leather. I love anything leather and real fur.

Apple sauce or pudding?
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Drip dry or clothes dryer?
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Apple sauce to answer oldgloryrags88 and clothes dryer to answer Debbila

Bicycle or treadmill?
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Patio candles or lanterns?
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Roller or ice skating?
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Ice Skating

Microscopes or Telescopes?
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Telescopes (microscopes are cool too)

Midieval or Victorian?
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Roses or lilies?
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Roses. No lilies around cats! catman.gif

Red or green?
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Mani or pedi?
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Mani. I love fancy nails, but I'm super ticklish and getting a pedi is torture. (I've tried a few times.)

Quilt or fuzzy blanket?
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Fuzzy blanket. But only in winter! Too hot in Florida 99% of the time. Love quilts too.

Cats or dogs?
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Ummm, cats?

Pit bull or poodle?
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Pit bull if I had to choose. I prefer the dobermans and English mastiffs. biggrin.gif

Ragdoll or Maine coon?
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Bradley Cooper or George Clooney?
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George Clooney


NCIS or Law & Order SVU?

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Neither? I listen to Metallica, 2Pac, Blue October, Eminem, etc.

Hand clock or digital clock?
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Whoops...looks like I got beat to that question.


Hand clock or digital clock?
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(Had to think what a hand clock is.) Either - I don't care.

Jamie Dornan or Chris Hemsworth?
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In a perfect world BOTH clap.gifwink.gif

OK. Chris.

Batman or Superman?
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Kiwi or strawberries?
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Kiwi - especially dried.

Alexander Skarsgård (yum) or James Franco?
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Ditto to a kiwi lover!

I didn't know those actors...had to look them up.

James Patterson or Stephen King?
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TV or radio?
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Don't really use either.

Tea or coffee?
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Wine or alcohol (wonder how many times we repeat ourselves here?)
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Technically I am not suppose to comsume any alcoholic beverage, but I like both.

Gun owner or none gun owner?
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Don't own a gun, but enjoy my right to own one, if necessary.

Registered to vote or not?
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Yes - registered to vote

Team Edward or Jacob?
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