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Smile everyone the weekend is here!!

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So what is everyone doing this weeken?

I am going down the shore and relax in the sun...
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Let's see, me and MooShoo have kitty therapy at a convalescent home along with Rene's husband Clint and a couple of their cats. Then I'm off to place my 6 week old Tigger in a wonderful home. After that I'm going to bring one of Helping Paws kittens to a new home. After that, if the weather is nice, I'm by my best friend's pool. Sunday I'm cleaning (UGH!).

By the way Hellcat, where did you get the balloon and duck? I think it's adorable!
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I found some sites in the internet that free animation to down load - can't remeber the one I got this from. Just type gif animation
into your search engine and it willpull up tons of
web sites.

Wow that is a lot to accomplish for one day, hope you make it to your freinds pool to relax.
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Hey Hell603!

Is Seaside Heights the same (bet not)? I used to love to go on the Boardwalk there.

My plans include studying for a final exam in law. Anybody care to know why prayer in school is unconstitutional?
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Actually, I would! I went to Catholic school. But I'm sure if you get a break on the comp., you don't want to think about your law paper!
Well, tomorrow, I'm cleaning house. I won't enjoy the weekend if I put it off! Yeah, I'm a touch OCD...J/J!!
Sunday, I'm not sure. I don't want to have fun because I want the weekend to DRAG!!!! :flower: :flower:
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Well, Chloe, the easy answer is that is violates the Constitutional 1st Amendment that guarantees separation of church and state.

If we have prayer in schoool, a government institution (a publicly funded school) is advancing the cause of religion, and usually a specific religion (in the States, that's usually a Christian one). That subjects non-Christian people unfairly to that religion.

BTW, no problem. Makes me feel like I am studying when I'm sitting here checking posts!

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Weekend - vaccinations for 4 of my children (fur ones) - then a little cleaning - very little if I can get away with it. Little bit of relaxing this evening playing Pitch with friends and then a little Scrabble to boot. Sunday is the last day of my vacation - so getting ready for the office again for Monday UGH!!!!!
and laundry........let's not forget the ever mounting laundry. I have decided we are either awful clean of awful dirty - I can't figure out which!
Deb 25 - I wanted to answer your question - but didn't get there in time!
Have a good one all......
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The answer to your question it certainly is. The shore just means anywhere in NJ's beaches which certainly incl. Seaside Heights. I wound up in Long Beach Island - No boardwalk but lots and lots
of beach to walk on - what a pleasure.
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I am taking my new little baby to get her first
shots and an exam. I hope all goes well!! She has
been crying whenever she goes to the bathroom
The vet is a little worried and asked me to bring in
a sample.
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Hell603: Never went to Long Beach Island much. Had a friend in high school who had a house there. I must get back to Seaside one of these days.

As for this weekend, Jerry Seinfeld, here I come! Show is Saturday night. Hope I need my asthma inhaler by the time I'm done! Then Sunday, I have dinner reservations at the most exclusive steak restaurant in Tampa (Bern's, Vlinder). My ex-boyfriend (and very good friend) just got a big fat paycheck after going without pay for months, due to the fact that his company almost went under. Well, it got funded and he is due a boatload of back pay and bonuses for hanging in there. Dinner's on him! (Maybe my boys will get their new cat tree, hmm).
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