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getting rid of flea dirt

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hi our cat oreo had some fleas, but more a very bad reaction to the fleas, turns out she is very allergic to them. Anyway the vet gave her advantage multi, and the difference is amazing,she went from constantly biting herself, even waking up from sleeping to bite herself, it was horrible to watch she even has some fur missing because of it, to barely biting at all. Anyway my question is she still has flea dirt, how do i get rid of this? i would prefer not to try to bathe her, and the visit to the vet was more than enough for both of us :P


(also im worried about using a comb as the parts of her skin without fur still look a bit red)


Thanks :)

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Bathing and combing are the two ways I know of to get rid of flea dirt. Also, vacuum or sweep floors of your home daily. smile.gif

Is Oreo difficult to bathe? You can comb her after her skin condition improves. 

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The flea dirt will (eventually) just fall out - it is 'designed to' with the eggs - that is what the flea larva eat when the eggs hatch... also she should be able to groom it out ... I think a gentle flea comb will help it along (and I would recommend regular flea combing anyway ...) And you need to vacuum daily - especially areas where Oreo sleeps/spends time and regularly goes - pay attention to anywhere she might 'jump' - cat flaps, door mats, stairs - the movement dislodges dirt and eggs. If you can bath her fine - but don't be tempted to wet wipe it off will just make it sticky ...
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