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Ooh look another newbie

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Aset here
Hi there, I just joined. As you can see my name is Aset and I just got a beautiful new kitten. He's a 6 month old black domestic short hair with three white markings. An arrow shaped one on his neck, an hollow diamond shaped one on his chest and a splotch on the groin reagon. I haven't named him yet because my husband(Amon) and I just got him night before last. How it happened was like this; our next door neighbor was walking home that night from work and looked down to find a cute little kitten weaving between his legs. He had a harnes on him(I never much liked harnesses on cats) but no tags. He looked around for the possable owner but he was the only one on the street at the time so instead of taking him to the local shelter he took him to me My neighbor knew I was in the process of looking for a furbaby so now he's sitting in my lap purring away as I type
hehe that was a message from him...he doesn't seem to want me to type...just pay attention to him
He's------------------------------7//////////-continuing to repeatedly lay on the keybord...ah there he goes now he's laying in front of the monitor. hehe here's a picture of him and me..later I'll post the pictures he took of me(he sat on the keybord just right and ended up taking 6 pictures of me lol...regular computer kitty)

[IMG]C:\\Documents and Settings\\Margie\
ew kitty.jpg[/IMG]

I do however need help giving him a name tho...right now he's just Kitty but I want to give him something nice. I don't want one of the cutsy names like blacky or anything like that and not christian related like Moses. Maybe something Egyptian or Egyptian sounding...Any help?

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Welcome to this site
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The image didn't work right so here it is again..
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You can try this thread here
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Welcome to the site Aset! Very cute kitty you have. I do hope no one is missing him, especially seeing as he had a harness on.
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to tell you the truth I have no way of finding out who might or might not be missing him...like I said no tag. He was evidently well taken care of tho because his skin was nice and firm (not loose like malneurished) he doesn't seem to have fleas or worms(altho we're still gonna give him a flea bath and worm treatment) and he's a very well natured cat. Super loveable...I have a lot of friends in town tho and hopefully if someone hears about a missing kitty they will tell me...untill then I'll just keep him and hope for the best...thanks for the welcomes btw
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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS.
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Welcome to TCS! Nice picture!
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My husband and I found a new name for our little fur baby. It's Cyrick. It's actualy the name of a fictional demon from the Forgotten Realms; Advanced Dungions and Dragons game set but it just has a kewl ring to it doesn't it. It kinda fits him because altho most of the time he's quite gentle when he gets to playing he becomes a little devil ... It's pronounced Sigh Rick just to let you guys know
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maybe you should put up some flyers and call around asking if anybody has reported a cat missing. its just my thinking that if someone knew enough to put a harness on a cat they loved their cat very much. most people would just let them out. its possible that something scared the kitty enough that she ran away.

If that had happened to my cat I would be frantic.

then if someone does answer the flyers then you can go down to the shelter and pick out another kitty that needs a home!
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I agree with raquel.

If I lost one of my babies I would be devastated. If your flier connects an owner with a beloved pet (even though you will miss him) you will have made one family complete again! If no-one answers your flier, then it was meant to be a match!

Good luck with your decision and welcome to the site (it's excellent!)


**Helpful hint from Spastic Kitty to Boo.

"Dog blankets make perfect prey...just make sure dogs aren't on it at time, they get upset"
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Hi and welcome to the site! I hope that your new furbaby isn't being looked for by someone who loves and misses him very much!
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I would just caution you if you flea treat him to please use advantage from your vet or frontline, and not anything over the counter that you can buy at the grocery store or even pet supply place. Many of the products say they are safe for pets, and sadly the opposite is often true. You can do this beautiful cat some major damage by not talking to your vet first about how to get rid of parasites, be they fleas or worms.

Welcome to the site by the way. I am sure someone is heartsick over losing such a gorgeous cat! I would call the vets in your area and see if they recognize him. It isn't uncommon for cats to get away from owners when they walk them on a harness.
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