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Being Old Story

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I thought this story was funny:

Have you been guilty of looking at others your own age and thinking...surely

I cannot look that old? You may enjoy this short story....

While waiting for my first appointment in the reception room of a new
dentist, I noticed his certificate, which bore his full name. Suddenly, I remembered that a tall, handsome boy with the same name had been in my high school class some 30 years ago. Upon seeing him, however, I quickly discarded any such thought. This balding, gray-haired man with the deeply lined face was way too old to have been my classmate. After he had examined my teeth, I asked him if he had attended the local high school.
"Yes," he replied.
"When did you graduate?" I asked.
He answered, "In 1971. Why?" "
You were in my class!" I exclaimed.
He looked at me closely and then asked, "Really?? What did you teach?"
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I just wanted to clarify that this story is not about me. It was e-mailed to me. I graduated in 1997 - not 1971. I wasn't even born in 1971.
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wow. i hope i never look that old. Sometimes when i go without makeup I will get carded if i buy something from the store. so I am still ok!
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that is so funny
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Oh that's funny.

And I have no issues with growing older... really, I can't wait until I look more my age. Today I stopped at one of the mini-marts to get gas and I figured I'd pick up a powerball ticket for fun. I got carded (for the second time) for the lottery ticket. You have to be 18 to buy them... I'm 26. I swear I have to look older than a highschool student. Oi!
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I am 44, but I wash the gray right outta my hair, so I don't look quite my age. On a good day I can pass for 35, but I am about tired of fighting it, and have decided to try and grow old gracefully. Now if my rocking chair just hadn't blown out the back of the truck when we were moving......
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Most people think I'm in my 20s, but I'm 36.

I don't get carded anymore. *sniff*
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I got carded about a month ago at the casino - I thanked the lady.
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LOL! It depends on what I'm wearing. I'm 19, but when Alex and I dress up, waiters offer us wine in restaurants, and can even get pushy, until we explain we're underage. They are always shocked! But then, if I'm in jeans, people think I'm 15 or 16! *Sheesh*
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That was really really funny!

On the flip side, I graduated in 1986 and I got PROOFED at a bar this weekend! WOO HOO! Yay me!
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If I gain 10 lbs I look my age. If I loose the same 10 lbs I get carded. I am 32
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