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Antifreeze Deadly to Pets

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I found this article when researching another issue and thought I'd pass it along.

Antifreeze can be deadly to pets!

The ASPCA and National Animal Poison Control Center have issued the following warning regarding antifreeze and your pet.

Antifreeze has a sweet taste and can be attractive to pets. Ethylene glycol is the most dangerous and also the most common form of antifreeze. Unfortunately, very small amounts can be lethal to pets. As little as one teaspoon of antifreeze can be deadly to a cat; less than four teaspoons can be dangerous to a 10-pound dog. The following are guidelines for pet owners to follow to avoid pet exposures to antifreeze:

Antifreeze Poisoning Prevention Tips

* Clean up antifreeze spills immediately.
* Check your car regularly for radiator leaks.
* Always store antifreeze containers in areas that are inaccessible to your pets.
* Never allow your pets to have access to the area when you are draining antifreeze from your car.
* Propylene glycol is a less toxic form of antifreeze and should be used instead of ethylene glycol.

If you suspect your pet has ingested antifreeze, contact your veterinarian immediately!

If you would like to receive free hotline information (consisting of a sticker, magnet, flyer, and pet care tips), call (217)-337-5030 ext #115 and leave a complete mailing address.

For ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center consultation services contact 1-888-4ANI-HELP.
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Many years ago, before I got all of my babies, a certain person in the neighborhood was putting out antifreeze on purpose and poisoning the animals. People all over town were losing dogs and cats (it's a very small town, so everyone knew who it was). Isn't that terrible?
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Georgiagirl8 that is awfull

Thanks for sharing mzjazz2u
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I was at the vet's office one day when a man came running in carrying his dog who had gotten into antifreeze. All he had to say was antifreeze and the entire clinic dropped what they were doing to help him. Poor guy didn't make it.

If you pet gets into antifreeze, call the vet to tell them you are on your way then get moving immediately - don't call to ask what to do. This is truly life-threatening stuff!

Thanks for posting this reminder to everyone!!
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I watched a few time's on animal planet when people brought in their animals to the emercency vets .... it is heart breaking and very sad to watch
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I already know this...a man in Oklahoma was going around poisoning the cats. I posted a story about Kali awhile back, a pregnant cat, soon to be due, was poisoned and had to be put to sleep. The poor babies were never born.

This sickened me and it still does.
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There will be an alert about this in the newsletter next month, because the weather is turning colder- also, you know those really pretty snowglobes you can buy for gifts at Christmas time? There is ethylene glycol inside of those, so don't drop them, and if you do and they shatter, make sure you wipe it up immediately and keep your pets out of the room for quite some time
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I did not know about the snowglobes ... Thanks MA for telling us
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