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I'm new here! and I have a question about my cat

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I have a male cat named Marvin that we adopted off of the street about a year ago. Well when I came home from work tomight he was foaming from the mouth and it stunk really bad. His teeth are also chattering. A couple of days ago we gave him his shots the 3way feline shot and the feline rabies shot. I put his food out for him and he ate a little bit and drank some water but he is still doing it and I'am very scared. No vets are open in my area and none have returned my call. anyone know what this could be
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Have you tried an emergency vet service? Yes, they are expensive but your cat sounds like he is in shock. Reactions to shots typically happen in the first few hours, not 3 days later, but I'm not an expert here. Could he have gotten into anything that could be poisonous to him? Please keep trying to get thru to a vet tonight!!!
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OMG .... it could be that he has maybe a electric shock from biting a cord or something ... you need to get him right away to a vet no matter how far it is ...he can die from that
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I'm still trying with no luck so far!
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Oh no! I hope you were able to find a vet who would help Marvin!
Please update us!
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Oh no, that sounds really scary. Please let us know how hes doing and if you were able to find a vet!
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Any update on Marvin?
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I finally got to talk to a vet this morning that is almost 100 miles away. None of the vets in or around here seem to careabout anything none returned calls. We have just been watching him today like the vet told me and locked him in the restroom. I'm taking him to see this vet in the Morning. I'll keep you guys updated!
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I hope he survives, it sounds like poison. I would at the very least make a phone call to an online vet. It will cost you some money, but it could mean the matter between this cat surviving to the morning-

Online Vet
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Poor Marvin! I hope he's doing ok.
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OMG!! I DO hope your kitty survives and gets better REALLY soon! That would be SO frightening! --Let us know as soon as you know what is going on, OK?
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We went to a closer vet about 30 miles from here that someone suggested! Doc says that it was just something he ingested and that its not a reaction to the shots and he will be fine. We have to feed him with a syringe every 15 minuest until he starts eating on his own...
Thank you All
Jacky and Marvin
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I am glad you went to the vet . I wonder what your cat got in to ? Did you ck all in your house/appartment for items to see what it may could have been ?
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He was outside all day the day it happened so it was something out there! He will only be aloud to go out to use the restroom from now on, and I will go with him.
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