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Friday the 13th Daily Thread

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I'm tuckered! I went upstairs early this morning to capture kitties and put them down in the front room, and they have grown so big that the Kitty Transport Box I use to put them in, well they can jump out now. So it was a lively game of cat and mouse, or is that kittens playing hide-n-seek with their mom. Finally I got wise and put some Pounce down in the bottom, so once they were deposited inside, they stayed there to nibble the treats and I was able to bring them downstairs.

I just wanted to collapse on the couch, but after checking on Kahuna, who now has a huge swelling on his shoulder, I had to go out and feed the horses. It is a gorgeous morning, going to be 78 degrees today, so I picked up the pasture ( my but it was heavy!) *EG* and then I deposited all the manure into the pile. I will truck it over to a friends later today, they use it for compost and in return, in the summertime, Mike and I get lovely vegetables, and all the garlic we can eat.... Then I fed the horses, put fly spray on them and their fly masks gave them scratches and love and was turning to leave the pasture when something hit me square in the back! I turned around, and there was the stall ball laying at my feet and my mustang trying to look like he didn't have an idea what that was all about! The little scamp! So we played ball for a few minutes, until the green grass beckoned him and he wandered away. When I first got him, I used to go out in the pasture and just spend hours with him. We would play ball, play hide-n-seek in the trees and tag too. But as he grew bigger, those games got a bit dangerous and we haven't played in a very long time. He also used to take the ball (it has a handle on it) and drop it over the fence to the neighbor, who would then throw it back in our yard, Race would run to pick it up and drop it again over the fence. It was to funny!

I said hello to the outside cats, fed them, played Kong with Kenai for a few minutes, and now it is 9:20 a.m. and i need coffee......breakfast and to do laundry....ugh! Hate laundry! Hope all is well on your side of the fence, and I pray all of you have asafe and wonderful weekend.
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Hissy I often think you have the life I've always wanted to live...thanks for making me a part of it :-)
I've had the most horrible day at work and feel dizzy and knackered now but as it's Friday I'm looking forward to my well-deserved rest!!!
We're going out with friends tonight. We'll go to a wonderful local place serving the most delicious fondue on Earth (Blue I know you like cheese so I'm sure you'd love it!) and having a wonderful garden with candles and flowers. I'm really looking forward to it!!!!
I've been invited to a party later in the night but will hardly be able to go - I'm so tired, I just need to relax and chat away and not have to do anything.
Hope you all have the most wonderful weekend ever and see you on Monday!
Love always!
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I am so thrilled that it has cooled down here in MO. After the week I had,(power failure, +110 heat indeces, heat stroke, and more swelling) I am supposed to "Just Rest", but there are litter boxes to change (pantry to sweep and mop), dog bowls to gather out of basement and bring ustairs to wash, and some personal correspondence to catch up on. Not to mention, now that it is cooler the "kids" want to play "foil ball"! Each of them brought at least two balls into me in the kitchen this am and I told them "Maybe later, if they behave. . . . and let me clean the pantry/litter box room with out one or more of them trying to "help". . . . .there will be time for "foil ball" before JEOPADY.

I, too wish you all a happy, safe weekend. (Colby, if you are driving to NY. I hope there is no traffic.)

TLK *-*-*-*_V_*-*-*-* Deb25, I changed the holiday lights on the Wonder Bed to all green (for"go girl")
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You just watch yourself, girl. It's Friday the 13th. I wouldn't want to see you electrocute yourself with all of that paraphenalia!
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I am driving to NY this weekend, and I'll probably call you from the road so we can discuss BB2.

everyone have a wonderful weekend!!!

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I love it because everyone runs around scared! And I have 2 black cats... which changed my mom's superstitions about black cats crossing in front of her!
:bat :bat :bat
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