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Sick Kitty - need help

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I'm new to this forum and I wish I was starting under happier times. My 12 year old kitty has been battling something for almost 2 months that the vets seem unable to figure out. He has some sort of respiratory thing that sounds like he can't breath and is suffering from constipation. It's especially noticable when he eats or drinks but the past couple of days it's getting worse and now he seems to be breathing through a stuffy nose. So far we have been to see a specialist at the critical care clinic and they still can't help him. They think he might have something stuck behind his soft pallate but so far haven't done a scope to really look. This came on quite suddenly and just won't go away. We've had about 6 x-rays, an ultrasound (for his abdomen)and bloodwork. The ultrasound found something on his spleen so they did a biopsy and I won't get the results until Wednesday. In the meantime I am slowly going insane. He eats and drinks and pees OK but is not active at all. If anyone has experienced something similar and could offer any insight, I would appreciate it. He is my baby and I am not ready to lose him yet.
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I would get him scoped pronto. He could have an obstruction in his throat causing problems, especially if it came on all of sudden. The obstruction could also constipate him, depending on where he is blocked.

Good luck!
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