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Some Ashton pics

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I know he had alot of fans when he was alittle kitten His coloring around his mouth always makes him look like he is up to something! Here are just a couple of pics of him inside. Many more to come!!!
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little cuddle bug!!
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gotta love that face!
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Oh he's so cute, and his face shows so much character.
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He's such a big boy now! What a handsome young man!
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He is so handsome! How is he liking it inside?
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Oh I love his face! So adorable!
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he seems to be liking it okay! He doesn't like sebastion or marbles though. I think because marbles kind of looks like him and because we call sebastian "bastian" and that sounds sooo much like ashton he gets confused but I'm sure everyone will be friends soon. Granet really likes him! He is already headbutting him It is nice to have him inside so I don't have to worry about him so much! He is such a good boy and such alittle purr bug.
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Ashton is a handsome little purrbaby
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what a cutie boy he is . He does has a cute mouth , one you want to all the time
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Originally posted by Princess Purr
gotta love that face!

I think I am in Love with this green eyed boy:
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green eyes . I love green eys awwww
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he is being sooooo good!! I just put down can food and he ate right along with everybody else I can't wait until he starts snuggle with everyone. He must have been so lonely outside I wanted to catch him soooo bad when he was a baby but I couldn't get my hands on him!
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aww..hes got a face like my amber. everytime I look at her I see the kitten we fell for in the shelter! i cant help it!
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Ashton is such a pretty boy- he looks so sweet!
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he's adorable
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He does have the cutest little mouth!
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Ashton is a very lovely boy -- and what a dignified name for him!
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thank you He is being such a good boy!
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