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We need some suggestions.

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Well, more than some. We're at the end of our rope.

My best friend youngest cat, Samarripa who is 5 months old, refuses to eat ANYTHING at all. We've tried everything, from store bought dry and canned food, to Eukanaba, Science Diet, and Proplan, to people's food. She only wants to drink milk, but her mom, Drusilla, refuses to keep feeding her and has actually attacked Samarripa a couple of times.

We took her to the vet, and they didn't find anything wrong with her, just declared her a 'fuzzy eater' and recommended that we sat down with her and tried to make her eat. We did, and tried coaxing, and even feedforcing her and it didn't work. She puked.

Samarripa was Dru's first kittie (And the only one of that pregnacy) and is quite big. Just as we were going to take Dru to the vet to fix her, we found that she was pregnat again (Aparently, Kuzco did had time before he was fixed, just three weeks after Samarripa's birth), and this time, she had a healty litter of five, that have been all put in good homes. The new kitties (two I never found out their names, Saruman, Gandalf and my own little Indiana) will eat everything in their path, and even obeyed their mom when Dru called them to the plate and taught them to eat solid food (They actually aren't exactly fond of kittie food, and want always to try adult cat food) but Samarripa still doesn't eat.

Any suggestions? We're really scared for her because even when she is big for her age, we are really afraid that she will starve to death.


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Wow! 5 months old and won't be weaned!! Being Dru's first litter, she obviously didn't have the experience or instinct that most cats have - teaching their young to survive on their own. Is she at least lapping water?

You said you took her to a vet - did they simply examine her or did they run any tests? That's just not right that she won't eat at all!!
I suggest you get her back to the vet and explain what you are doing with her and what her reaction is. Since their advice isn't working, they need to work with you further on this. She is most likely ill.
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I really don't have much advice or you,except that I would take her back to the vet,only I would probably take her to a different vet.
Let us know what happens.
Good luck.
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Sounds like you should go back to your vet (or another one) - not eating properly can't be good for her ...

On occassions my vet has adminstered a vitamin B shot which can stimulate apetite. It took my old cat Toby from being totally disinterested in food to back to normal. Mayber if your little kitten get really, really hungry she'll have a go at your food.

Needless to say, I'm no vet though !
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If she is big for her age, she must be eating. A mom cats milk will not sustain an older cat. She must be eating when no one is looking. I would keep her in a room by herself and give her a tablespoon of food and see if it is still there in the morning.
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I would disagree with your vet and get a second opinion. Find a vet clinic that caters to cats and take this kitten in. It is a cat's instinct to eat- and if the kitten does not want to eat at all there is something seriously wrong with it.
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Thanks to everyone.

Samarripa is going to the vet tomorrow (A new vet, the one that takes care of my Kenya) and we're going to work from that, although the thing is, she seems more spoiled than sick (And then, maybe I should have posted this one in Behavior rather than in health). Today, when I went to pick Indiana, Samarripa was meowing to get some food (Cereal, that my friend was having for breakfast) and when she was allowed to sniff the food -my friend is so desesperate that she will try anything- she simply drank the milk and turned around.

Dragon Lady, we're going to try your advice tonight, and see what happens.

And the other vet didn't do any tests, he simply examined her and said she was being spoiled.

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Your cat is SPOILED! Doesnt sound like there is anything seriously wrong with her. Especially if she was an only kitten, she majorly spoiled.

What you need is TOUGH LOVE. Keep her in a room by herself with food, water and a litterbox. Cats WILL NOT starve themselves. They arent that dumb, dogs on the other hand...thats a different story.

She has to learn to eat. By coaxing her you arent doing much b/c she knows that she has the upperhand. Keep her separated from mom, and dont feed her anything but the food that she will be eating.

I also agree with Teresa, she must be eating something. In my litters, the kittens who are weaned later than the ones that start at 4-5 weeks are much smaller than the babies already eating solid foods. Milk cannot put weight on a kitten past 6-8 weeks. Also, the baby would have to be nursing almost all day to keep up with her appetite.

Evidentually she will give in...just make sure that you dont cave first. If you dont approach the problem now, she will be worse as an adult.

Good luck!!!!!
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