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cat brushes

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what's a good brush to use on cats? i bought a cat brush
a while back but it was hurting her the bristles were
too sharp - any suggestions? and how often should you
brush your cat?
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A slicker brush (small size) with wire bristles is the best and most effective. But I have a feeling that this is the type you do not like. The soft bristle brushes will not do a thorogh job. And if she is long haired than a shedding comb used after the brushing does wonders.
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If you don't like the slicker brushes try a wide toothed comb.
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I use a zoom groom on both mine, they are long haired, but not the kind that gets matted. And I tried it on the short haired kitty I am cat sitting this week. It was wonderful on her too. It gets out masses of hair - enough to build a few new cats.

And because they shed a lot in the summer I brushed them every day. Now we are down to two or three times a week.
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zoom groom!
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Originally posted by DragonLady
If you don't like the slicker brushes try a wide toothed comb.
I don't wish to sound argumentative but as a professional groomer a FINE tooth comb will do a WHOLE lot more for you than a wide tooth comb. That is why I choose the shedding comb (a metal comb with alternating long and short teeth). It is THE best.
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Thanks everyone patches has sensative skin so i have to
look for a brush that's not too harsh for her
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Do they make "rake" combs for cats? We use one on our border collie and that thing WORKS.(You could cover a chihuahua in what I get off of her in one brushing.) I suspect Simon is getting ready to blow his coat and I want to be prepared. We've been using the double sided cat brush, but as Simon has a very thick medium long coat I was wondering if something like the rake wouldn't be better.
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how often should you brush your cat?
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frequency depends on coat type - check this out:

I brush my shorthaired cats 2-3x/week and use a Zoom Groom - they come running when I get it out of the drawer, they love it so much. I need to get a pic of them crowding around wanting a turn!

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Thanks for the links
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ZOOM GROOM - It's the only thing Loki has ever liked - he actually follows me like a dog if I have it in my hand.
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I never heard of a Zoom Groom - have to look for one
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I was looking twice at pets - mart and could not find it . I really want to buy that Zoom Groom . I try next time again when I go in there to see if they have it .
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I have the Zoom Groom but Em doesn't like it. He doesn't like petting that much either. Unless he wakes me up in the middle of the night purring wanting me pet him. Typical male
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I'll have to check out Petsmart
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