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good wine...

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I am about to call it a night after an exhausting day in the office and I was very late home last night. A friend of mine came on line and almost pleaded me to drive the 10 miles to see him. That was at 5.30 and I left his house at gone 1.00am this morning. He is depressed and he needed to talk. Him and his wife are struglling, shes miscarried three times, they have a beautiful daughter but he wont admit that its got to him. We just sat and sat and talked all evening and I think we are making some progress over loads of coffee. At least they were not arguing and according to an email from him this evening, have not all day and even went out for dinner at a local pub which is a first. As I left into very cold air , his wife hugged me and he did as well. Was not sure what to do - men dont hug - but I think the talk worked. we plan on a lot more and what seems ironic - they are looking up to me as someone who is coping daily with depression and even though I take anti depressants to help me - I am coping. I am the last person to look up to on this side of things. Am gonna invite them over for dinner next weekend. I had to be up at 6.00 this morning to be in the office for 7 and its now 20.45. My head is buzzing with tiredness and exhaustion and at times today,I could have slept wherever I sat. The tiredness is also caused by working about 20 odd days without much a break and had decided to work tomorrow. My wife pulled the brakes on me this evening and ordered a rest for sunday. I am no good like she said if I goto sleep whilst driving and - well....
So, I am sat here with an excellent glass of Californian rose wine, I hate wine but this is just brilliant - its from a bottle of
Ernst and julio Gallo Sierra Valley 2002 rose wine. white grenache.
Not heavy at all, going down well with Carol and I and I feel the bottle may not last.
Whats your tipple then?

A yorkshire bitter man who just found a good bottle of wine to his liking. Cant be a Yorkshireman!!!
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This may be a silly question - as we are planning on moving to Canada and working next year - we may have to live in an apartment for a while if cant find a house to rent
I have never been in an appt, let alone lived in one. I have always lived in a house and large ones and am used to them.
It scares me in a strange way - whats it like - is it difficult. How do cats cope as mine is used to the outdoor life?


Ignore thid- its a different thread - told you I was tired
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When ex-hubby and I first married, we managed a Apt complex
for my Dad.

This was many years ago, and I am sure much has changed but for me
it was rough. I did not like the feeling of no privacy, you could hear others if they played stereo too loud, and I could not vacuum at 2am if I wanted to(lol)

Even though my Dad owned this complex, there were rules and of course we all had to follow them. From what I read the rules are much more strict now.

If you are used to a large home of your own, it will be a adjustment. Many have no pet rules, or you must put up a security deposit for your pets. This is in Ca. I do not know how it is in other states.
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Personally, I LOVE living in an apartment. You have no yard-work, etc. And if something breaks down or stops working, the apartment complex fixes it, as long as YOU didn't break it. True, it's not as private, and you do have rules to follow, but it's a lot less hassle and work than living in a house. For me, since I work and am going to school, AND planning a wedding . . . I wouldn't want to live in a house even if I could afford it, not right now.
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Another option, I live in a gated mobile home park. We have small yards, no traffic, and ours is as big and bigger than some houses, and more affordable than rent, because you are paying for something you will own.
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now for the wine.... i guess i'm a sucker for dessert wine like villa maria... it's a nice one.. as for other kinds of wine, be it red or white, i would simply enjoy it if it is not too dry....
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we used to own a mobile home,was bought new but we lost
it in july now were renting a lower duplex
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as for the wine, i dont like any of it, but a nice glass of rum and coke sounds good i lived in a apartment when i first left home, its okay, but your kitties might have to take some time getting familar with it, and watch they will go out on you if your not careful... good luck, maybe you will find a house
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in B.C. there is a new law (I think it's in effect) that doesn't let landlords discriminate against pet owners. If the landlord turns you down cause you have a pet, you could sue them About the wine, there are lots of little wineries around the Okanagon (interior of B.C.), my wife and I went to Grey Monk this summer and their wines are very good, I didn't really care for their red though, their rosee and white are very good. if you get a chance I suggest getting a bottle or two
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