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Got my new baby today!!!

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I got my new boy today!!! Im so excited!! He is such a sweetheart! We got him microchipped right away at the shelter and then brought him straight to the vet for his checkup. Got his rabies shot, one more dose of wormer and just checked him a bit. Hes such a good boy!! He was sooo tolerant and mellow. We're taking turns with the rooms he can be in while I keep Morgan and Abby seperated. So far so good. I brought him inside in his carrier and Abby barely paid attention to him, while Morgan was very curious. I rubbed them all with a small bit of vanilla on their heads back by their ears and also by their butts. I hope it helps. Right now Morgan and Abby and I (and my DD) are in the computer room and the new guy is peeking under the crack in the door. Hes stuck his feet under a few times, trying to reach the others.
The shelter named him Jayce, not sure if we're going to keep that or not. Anyway Im soooo excited and thrilled that hes here Im going to go snuggle with him for a bit and let Abby and Morgan chill out in here. Im trying to take turns spending time with each seperately.
I cant wait to show you all some pictures of him Hes a handsome boy, and so incredibly soft! Hes got medium hair, so maybe that makes a difference. Its like silk
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Let's see some pictures, please.
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Congrats on the new addition to your family! I agree, pics.
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Soon! I promise I dont have a digital yet, so that slows me down. Ive tried to get some pictures of him, but once the flash went off he got kind of skittish. I think I have to wait to take anymore. Hes gonna be my sweetest, Im pretty sure
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Aahhh! pictures hurry!

seriously though, congrats on your new boy!
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