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Anyone ever had post root canal pain?

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My husband just had a root canal in a tooth that he suspects is cracked, although the dentist doesn't agree. After the initial procedure, he was in a lot of pain until the second appointment. Now the actual canal work has been done and the tooth is still hurting quite a bit, mostly sensitivity to hot and cold. His dentist doesn't seem to be too worried about it, and has even scheduled another appointment to have posts inserted before the final restoration. All totalled, it'll be four appointments and a lot of money for a tooth that I suspect he's going to lose anyway.

Has anyone ever been through such a thing with a root canal? The canal work was done a week ago now, I would think any post operative pain should have subsided by now, or am I wrong.
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It more than likely means the root canal was not done properly. The infection was not removed all the way, and he will probably lose the tooth. I know, because I experienced the same thing a few years past. They ended up pulling the tooth after all. Now I am really leery about root canals. My current specialist insists they know more now and can do a better job. I have one tooth that needs a rc. But again, I don't want to go through the pain.
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I second what Hissy said. I had a root canal gone bad a few years back, and I had a lot of the same symptoms your husband is describing. Dental pain is sooooo nasty!
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I couldn't quite understand if the root canal is supposedly finished by now, but per my dentists' words: teeth that have had a root canal should feel neither cold nor heat. Something's wrong there. I've had many things go wrong with my teeth, and I would suggest your husband go to another dentist for a second opinion. Now.

My first root canal was alright at first. Then the root somehow got infected again- changed dentists at this point, the first one wasn't very good. Had a resection, where they go through the jaw bone to cut off a piece of the root. Got another infection, went away with antibiotics. Then another, and my dentist inferred from the position of the infection that my tooth was probably cracked, maybe not all the way up, but there it was. Had it removed, which was a such a terrible experience I will never go through one again with me being conscious. (I never go numb in the area that's infected and of course already painful) And the tooth had an extra, small root, which wasn't visible on xrays and probably caused some of the problems to begin with.

Now I've been having problems with my other tooth that has had a root canal, at the same bad dentist's office. Apparently they didn't clean the canals all the way down, so the tips of the roots are still alive, which is why cold and hot bother the tooth somewhat. This is one reason I'd suggest your husband see another dentist, could be something like this. Or like my first one with the crack- it was never large enough to be visible with xray or by looking at it, but after all the symptoms my wonderful dentist figured that's what it must be.

Sorry for the long post, but I've had so much trouble with my teeth, and much of it because of the bad dentist I used to go to, that I tend to go on and on about it, hoping others won't have to go through the same thing.
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It could be from inflammation of the nerves surrounding the tooth. . . . or perhaps the wrong tooth was selected for the root canal (it's not always easy to decipher which tooth is causing the problem).

I have had 3 root canals. One tooth continued to bother me for a while after. . . . but finally settled down.

I also had one that ended up being a waste of time and money. . . . the tooth fractured under the crown while I was eating peanut brittle

When the dentist tried to remove the cap to look at the damage, my tooth came off with the cap! I had to have what remained of the tooth extracted (surgically) and then have a bone graft & implant put in. That was an expensive lesson.

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I've had at least 8 root canals, and have never had any pain afterwards.My dentist takes at least 4 visits per tooth because he is very cautious about cleaning the root out thoroughly, before putting in the post. I haven't had any reactions at all after the root is cleared out. The dentist better make sure the root is totally cleaned out before he puts in the post, otherwise he can lose the tooth. Mine sometimes takes additional xrays of the tooth just to be sure. And he will even decline to do root canal work on some people where the tooth roots are complicated - he sends those out to another dentist who specializes in the work.
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I'm a dental student in my final year at university, i also consulted my dad about this who's also a dentist.
It's very unlikely that the root canal is cracked, whats more likely is over-instrumentation of the area and other various factors which would cause irritation to the surrounding area.
I would see your dentist again, or if you're not happy visit another one. What most likely is your husband will be put on anti-inflamatories and antibiotics
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