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Questions About Food - I Need Help

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I have 4 cats, 4 months, 5,6,14 years. On 5/14/03 T.J., my 6 year old, almost died during a liver biopsy to find out why he was losing weight. He was in and out of coma for hours before being stabilized. The biopsy came back days later severe hepatic lipidosis (HL).

T.J. developed HL because he refused to eat Select Care Control prescribed for triple phosphate crystals in his urine. The vet who prescribed it NEVER warned me about HL, and when I called (at least 4 times) and told her he was eating very little and losing weight she said he needed to lose a few pounds and he'll eat when he's hungry enough. She has since been reprimanded and a portion of T.J.'s medical bill was paid by her clinic for this error in judgement.

After months of force feeding a mixture of Select Care Control and store bought food (to try and hide the Select Care), trips to the vet to weigh in and liver enzyme tests, T.J.'s liver values were finally normal. The day I got that news I noticed a large raw area on T.J.'s upper lip diagnosed as indolent (rodent) ulcer, probably due to an allergy, possibly food. I was told he may be allergic to the very food that's keeping him from forming crystals.

I searched the web and found BARF information and started them all on Bravo blends. They vomited and had diarrhea and T.J.'s vet had a fit and told me to stop the raw food. She said many animals in the wild died young, nutritionally unsound, the issue of parasites and "completeness" of the diet. She said cats are living into their 20's on today's canned, and to get a good product like Wellness or Pet Guard.

I brought T.J. in for a urine test after 1 week on Pet Guard it came back RARE crystals (which was great) but some protein in the urine. The internist said the protein is probably due to the cortisone shots he received for the lip ulcer and it will wash out and to try another test the following week. I brought him in again and this time when the technician drew the urine there was blood in it. The internist told me the technician probably did something wrong when she drew the urine and not to worry about the blood or the protein.

She said to bring him back when I'm ready for another test and that she's sure there's nothing wrong. Please note that T.J.'s previous urine test 3 weeks earlier (before the cortisone) had no protein or blood.

I have them all on Pet Guard now, which they love. T.J. is doing great, no symptoms and eating and loving it. My question is related to the cranberries and blueberries in Wellness. Wellness says they keep crystals from forming, so this makes me think Wellness is a better product then Pet Guard. But my crew like Pet Guard better. Pet Guard uses Coleman beef which is growth, hormone and antibiotic free and chicken which is the same. The magnesium and ash are low.

How important are cranberries and blueberries for this condition and is Pet Guard a good choice for T.J. even without them?

Also, what are your thoughts about the protein and blood situation? The lip ulcer cleared up after 2 cortisone shots. My goal is to get my 4 on a good, complete food and I would love that to be Pet Guard. I've spoken with several holistic vets and several non-holistic vets and get different opinions. T.J.'s vet thinks Pet Guard is fine and to monitor his urine maybe every 6 months.

Your opinions and advice are very much appreciated. Thank you.
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I really think you are on the right track with the food you are feeding. Even though Wellness has the cranberry's, the studys havn't proved it to be 100% in controlling urinary problems. In your case, TJ hasn't proven to have a chronic problem with crystals yet, and with testing every 6 months it will tell you weather or not he will NEED to be on a controlled diet for life.
The protien in the urine IS most likely due to the steroids. Depending on the steroid used, it can remain in his system for up to 6 months. When you check the urine in 6 months, the protien level should be down
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Thank you, thank you, thank you!! T.J. is purring in my arms as I'm typing this. I appreciate your quick response. I am now an advocate for warning pet owners about HL. If I tell you how close T.J. was to death on that evening. It brings tears to my eyes even now. Thanks you again. LGH
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If the Petguard is working fine and they prefer it to Wellness I'd just stick with the Petguard.
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