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Katie pooing on carpet

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Katie has taken to pooing on the carpet.  I noticed about 6 months ago that I was finding the occasional poop in my spare room closet on the carpet. I didn't know who it was. I took to scooping more frequently, and added a second box even though they (3 of them) mainly use only one of the boxes.  The behaviour continued even though I washed the carpet. I finally put some stuff in the closet to hide the spot and the pooing stopped in the closet.


Then it mysterious started up again on the carpet along the wall near the litter boxes. It's a daily thing, and sometimes 2 times per day.  I finally figured out that it is Katie doing it.


I've scrubbed the carpet with Bissel Rug Shampoo and my carpet scrubbing machine, and I added some Norwex Brand enzyme cleaner to the mix. I got the carpet all nice and clean and there was no poop there for a whole 2 days.  Then she started to poo there again.  She has gone daily for the last 4 or 5 days.  I've even sprayed an enzyme cleaner right on the carpet after picking up the poo.

She uses the boxes for peeing, but seems to prefer to poo on the carpet.


There are 2 boxes. I haven't changed cat litter brands. I still use Johnny Cat Scoop, and I scoop at least once daily, if not twice.  There is lots of room for the boxes and there is privacy. The boxes sit side-by-side in the spare room which is essentially the cats room.


I just don't know what to do.  I don't catch her in the act, so I can't redirect her by picking her up and putting her into the litter box.


Any suggestions?


This is the type of boxes I use.  They are large in size.  I also keep the boxes about 1/2 to 3/4 full of litter.  Even when the litter runs lower, she still poos on the carpet.


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How about a third box placed away from the first two, or at least moving the two litter boxes much farther apart? Maybe she wants separate places to do #1 and #2 and thinks of the two boxes together as just one place.
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Hmmm. Interesting.  I'll try moving them apart and see if that helps. 

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Is Katie still doing it?
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