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Here's my crew:
Echo: Calico, 6 years old female
Tiki: Himmie,seal point, 2 years old female
Bud: Tuxedo, 6 years old male
Mandy: the pooch, Pomerianan (sp?), 10 years old female

I'd love to have more, but these four keep me hoppin'!
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Rusty, seal point male Himmie, 10 yrs old
Babycakes, tortie point female Himmie, 9 years old
Heifer-cat, blue point male Himmie, 7 yrs old
Yum-Yum, flame point female Himmie, 4 yrs old
Miss Rurnt, tortie point female Himmie, 2 yrs old
Tigger, grey/white striped male kitten (mutt)approx. 12 -16 weeks old
Assorted colors, ages and sexes of ferals.
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Ivo is an almost 3 year old tuxedo DSH girl, with green/gold eyes.
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Cheyene 7 year old Siamese ( seal point)
Cloud Dancer 6 year old Siamese (choclate point)
Nickajack 5 year 's old (Blue Lynx)
White Cloud 2 year 's old (Seal point)
Grayski1 year old (Blue Point)
4, 8 week old (seal point's)
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Neo Three Red tabby Feral
MoeMoe Three Red Tabby Feral (neo's bro)
Snowwhite ??? White Feral
Ashton One Gray/white Feral (snowwhite's son)
Nimby Five months White Feral (snowwhite's son)
Stormy Five months White Feral (snowwhite's daughter)
Blizzy Five months white feral (snowwhite's daughter)
Marble Six monthes Gray tabby Feral (granet and lola's bro)
Granet six monthes gray feral (lola and marbles' bro)
Lola six monthes deluted tortie feral (marble and granet's sis)
Sebastion 5-6 monthes black DSH (rescued from kill shelter)
Trinty 4 monthes Torby stray (found at parents house)

we also have
Misty 2.5 Black lab/pitt bull ASPCA pound puppy
Nanook 2.5 Chowchow mix Rescue doggie.
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Timon and Pepe are "twins"... both dumped at the door step of my office (next to the elevator!) - silver grey - a bit "Russian Blue" looking. They are 3 years old.
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i have your run of the mill shelter kitty, but she is so special to me!
she is 1.5 years old.
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Awwww i just love all the pics of your beautiful cats
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My cat Tiger is a tabby and is 13. My kitten Koneko is black and white and is 1.
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I have a tiny white with some black splotches female called Tulip who is 17 this October. A long haired black female (who at the moment looks like the Lion King as the bottom half of her plus a very fluffy tail has been shaved due to matting) called Mischa and she is 11. A Very Large Tortie on a diet called Fat Katy who is about 8 and the newest addition Dirt (by name and nature)my only boy rescued from the street. He is a dirty white with a few black markings and roughly about 4 years old.
Its really nice to read about other peoples kitties and their little quirks.
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Both of mine are Rescues from a local shelter so their exact age and breeds are only a guess.

Sphinx - A DSH grey with white approx. 17 years old - possible Siamese/Russian Blue mix.

Kuce - A DMH Calico Van Pattern approx. 10-12 years old - possible Turkish Van ancestory, maybe a bit of Siamese.
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graycat2 - they are very pretty
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Luna's registered name at TICA is "GEORGIARAGDOLLS Once in a Blue Moon," and she is a female, blue-mitted Ragdoll with bright blue eyes.
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Three fur people in our household, all DSH. Their pictures are in several other threads.

Suzy was 4 in August, and is grey tabby /white.
Cindy and Fawn were 2 in May.

Cindy is my precious Tortie-baby, and if you see her nowhere else, you can now see her in my avatar.

Fawn, we think may have some Tonkinese in her, given what we've read about the breed (and the sources do vary on some matters). She's fawn in colour (big surprise!), has vestiges of points, some tabby markings in her face and body, and many of the personality attributes of the Tonk.

Not that it's so terribly important what their background is, but Fawn's such a beautiful kitty that I like to be able to describe her so that people who won't see her in the flesh can get a decent picture of her. "Grey tabby/white" and "Tortie" are easy to picture; any short description of Fawn falls short of the mark!

I realized as I thought back about this post, that I left out Fawn's most striking attribute: her gorgeous aquamarine eyes! How could I??
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Both torties, Liberty Belle is 2 years old, and Freedom Belle is 6 years old.
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Jellybelly, male grey fat tabby going on 4 years old on Oct 1
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happy early birthgay kitty cat
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i have 2 boys, they are DSH, and they are 4 yrs old their names are blackie and stripey, and they are my children....
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Two girls, both black (Although I don't know exactly their breeds)

Kenya, who is completely black, green eyes, 11 years old, going on 12.
Indiana, black with white paws, green/gray/blueish eyes, 2 months old.

And although Kenya is still not really happy with Indiana's moving here, both share the most peculiar trait: They love to hang on my shoulder while they groom themselves

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My cat's name is Clyde, and is a American Shorthair, 1 year old. He is totally white, tabby tail, one spot on left side, left rear leg is tabby, head is tabby, left ear white, right eye white, inside of right ear is brown, inside of left ear is pink. He had surgery for a parasite (left scar on neck), so I call him "Clyde the Curious Cutthroat Clawless Cat" (declawed due to my medical condition). He has done quite well, and is well adjusted so far.

He got his name from the previous owner (1 month). She had a dog named "Bonnie" so she named the cat "Clyde". Unfortunately, the dog went neurotic with Clyde around, so she put him up for adoption, and I adopted him through the local Partnership for Pets.

After Clyde left, the dog ate all her food (left for 3 days), slept the rest of the day, and acted as if Clyde never existed.

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Chelle - Thanks.
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I just have one cat:
Spike - a grey & white DSH with yellow-gold eyes. He turned 3 on April 8, 2003.
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6 year female grey & white with the most adorable grey circle on her chest. And a 1 1/2 year old dark grey male, both mutt kittys.
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awwww they are all adorable
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